Lift Kits & Parts for Jeep Cherokee

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Lift Kits & Parts for Jeep Cherokee

Lift kits for the Jeep Cherokee can enhance its appearance and off-road performance. There are some things to consider before you settle on what type of rear lift kit you need for your new or used Cherokee. The information below will help you find the right lift kit for your project.

Why would you install a Jeep Cherokee rear lift kit?

While there are a few fun reasons to install a lift kit, there are some parts that can make a real difference in how the Cherokee handles and performs in rough terrain, some of which are described here:

  • Better suspension: A rear suspension lift kit allows for greater flexibility in the shocks and suspension. This means that you can drive your Cherokee over extremely uneven ground and the suspension can handle it.
  • Bigger tires: Body lift kits only allow for a lift of around 3 inches. With a suspension lift kit, there are more possible uses. You can achieve more clearance, which will make room for bigger tires, for example.
  • Better road clearance: For off-road driving, lift kits make it possible to drive over rougher terrain. Lift kits give a vehicle more ground clearance, which helps it maneuver over higher and bumpier terrain.
How do lift kit shock absorbers work?

Shock absorbers function in two different ways. They control the proper movement of the suspension and the springs, and the shocks are responsible for making sure your tires stay in contact with the ground at all times. They accommodate differing road conditions by providing increased resistance as the suspension moves faster.

How do lift kit springs work?

Springs work with the shocks to absorb impact and help the shocks support the weight of the vehicle. Coil springs and leaf springs are some of the typical types of springs you’ll encounter, and they are not interchangeable.

  • Leaf springs are suitable for towing or for carrying a large amount of weight. They are installed in the rear section of a vehicle, and they are able to handle tension from the vehicles weight and keep it from tipping over.
  • Coil springs are well suited for work vehicles. Unlike leaf springs, coil springs are installed on the front of many vehicles, and they retract based on the amount of force applied to them. They provide a comfortable, smooth ride while absorbing a large amount of weight.

Spacers, also referred to as shock leveling kits, can be added to a coil spring suspension to get an additional two or three inches of height. They reduce the amount of bouncing that happens while driving on rough terrain.

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