Lip Makeup

Lip makeup is available in all different styles and shades. Anyone, regardless of complexion or skin tone, can find lip colours and shades that work for her. Lipsticks, glosses, balms, and salves are just a few of the options available.

What are all-around flattering shades of lip makeup?

Most people can wear red lipstick. Depending on your particular skin tone, you may want to opt for a shade with more of a blue undertone or yellow undertone rather than true red. Knowing how to blend your lipstick can allow you to choose different hues of red, which will help to complement your individual features. Consider looking into different finishes like sheer, glossy, or shimmery to mix up your daily look.

How do you select hues of lip colour?

Picking colours based on whether your skin tone is cooler or warmer can be helpful. If you typically burn in the sun, you might have cooler tones to your skin whereas if you are likely to tan, your tones are probably warmer. Blue veins often mean cooler tones, and green veins tend to signify warmer tones. Playing with different lip hues can also give you a sense of your personal preferences, which weighs into your decision just as much.

What finishes do lip products come in?

Lip products are available in all sorts of finishes, such as shimmery, glittery, matte, shiny, and glossy. Shimmer usually does a good job of hiding imperfections. Thus, if your lips are particularly chapped, you might wear a layer of lip balm underneath a shimmer shade. Save the matte for milder months when your lips are happily conditioned and intact.

What colourless lip makeup options are there?

If you are not a fan of any sort of colours on your lips, there is still a variety of lip makeup options. Balms, salves, and clear glosses provide options for different levels of shine and texture without having to dip into bright or pastel hues. Some clear balms even include natural ingredients like spearmint and peppermint, which make your lips tingle a bit.

How do you apply lip liner?

Liner typically comes in a pencil form and can be drawn onto your lips around the border. Select a lip liner slightly lighter than the lip hue you are going to use so that your lines blend right into the finished product. In a pinch, you can use white eyeliner as lip liner; it works the same way and blends into a bold colour of lipstick relatively easily.

How do you blend lipstick?

After applying lip colour, blot your lips onto a napkin or a tissue folded in half to get rid of extra colour or blotches. Avoid rubbing your lips together in order to preserve the fresh look that you just created. You can also use a cotton swab, sponge, or even a finger to even out lip colour after application.