Lladro Clown Figurines

Do you remember that excitement and anticipation as a child of a visit to the circus? Lladro porcelain clown figurines capture those precious memories and the delight of being entertained by clowns and circus acts. Handcrafted and hand painted by artisans in Spain, these porcelain figurines include these comical characters in various typical poses and with their different props. Hundreds of collectors worldwide keenly seek out fine quality Lladro clown collectibles of numerous shapes and sizes.

How Do I Identify a Lladro Clown Figurine?

Lladro figurines have been coming out of Spain since the 1950's. The full Lladro product range includes porcelain animals and people depicted in various contexts and themes, along with a range of porcelain home accessories.

  • Trademarks and Logos - Lladro used different hallmarks and logos over the years for their collectibles. Check the imprints and blue markings on the base of each piece to verify its authenticity as a genuine Lladro clown.
  • Lladro versus Nao - Lladro produces two porcelain brands, and both are of a high-quality finish. Items in the Lladro range are their more finely detailed pieces, while the Nao range has simpler detail and come at a lower cost, great for beginner collectors. Clowns appear in both brands.
  • Names and Numbers - Lladro figurines all come with Spanish and English names. Be mindful that the translation is not always exact; they choose their names to appeal to each market. Use their English or Spanish names or identification number add and search listings, as buyers are often looking for a certain piece.

What Types of Lladro Clown Figurines Are There?

The full Lladro clown collection is quite vast. You will find everything from handmade Lladro porcelain clown figurines, to mounted statues of heads or busts, to table lamps, to cufflinks and even earrings!

  • For clown enthusiasts, if you're adding to a themed collection, you will find Lladro porcelain clowns that pair with numerous objects, people and animals, including balls, boats, puppy dogs, ballerinas, balloons, or playing the saxophone, plus Pierrot clowns, clowns in cars, and even more.
  • If you're into pieces depicting different emotions, you'll find serious clowns, sad clowns, happy clowns, pensive clowns, laid back and lying down clowns, and romantic clowns.
  • To add to wider Lladro figurine collections, you can also collect by the name of the designer.

What is a "Retired" Lladro Clown Figurine?

Any items that are no longer in production are what the company categorizes as Lladro retired figurines. Items that sit on the retired list may also include any limited editions and pieces that came out as an "annual" for a year only. Vintage clown figurines in good condition can increase in value, making them especially desirable for investment collectors.

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