Locks & Hardware for BMW X5

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BMW X5 Locks and Hardware

BMW featured the X5 for model year 1999. This mid-size SUV has continued through three generations as it moves into the 2018 model year. Areas of this vehicle that are in constant use, such as BMW X5 locks and hardware, require routine maintenance.

Why doesnt the BMW X5s release lever open the hood?

If the BMW X5 hood sticks when you try to open it with the interior release lever, you may have a few issues. It could be the X5 SUVs hood release cable. If the vehicles hood comes up part of the way but still wont open, theres a possibility that the latch itself has malfunctioned on your BMW.

What does the BMW X5 door lock actuator do?

Your BMWs lock actuator is an electronic motor located just inside the door. It controls the BMW X5s lock button. The actuator device includes the vehicles lock motor, cables that connect it to the locking mechanism, and the gears.

What are the signs that the X5 actuator needs replacing?

There are a few telltale signs that your BMW will reveal when its time to service the lock actuator. One that stands out is the loud noise you can hear when you try to operate the BMWs motor. The locks moving up and down in quick succession is another. Finally, if the SUVs lock motor has completely gone out, you will be required to use the key to operate the BMWs lock.

What does the BMW X5 lock cylinder do?

There are a series of tumblers inside the BMW X5s locking mechanism. They are designed to match the ridges in the key. The locking cylinders are installed in the driver and front passenger doors of your BMW, and the key wont fit inside the lock if the tumblers in the cylinder have fallen out of place. You will notice that it takes some force to use the key in the vehicles lock. Another symptom that the key and cylinder tumblers arent properly aligning is the BMWs key not being able to turn once inserted. One of the most significant signs is the key actually getting stuck in the BMW X5s lock.

What is the purpose of the relay in the BMW?

The lock relay in your BMW X5 relays the information to the vehicles actuators that allow them to function. When the wiring of the BMWs relay isnt properly connected or is shorting, it wont send the proper information to the actuator. As a result, you will notice that the locks either dont work or only work part of the time. The key will still operate in the lock, but the BMW X5s electronic system needs attention.