Locks & Hardware for Honda Accord

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Honda Accord Locks and Hardware

Originally released in 1976, the Honda Accord comes in a variety of options. You can drive a wagon, coupe, crossover, or even a hybrid that saves on fuel. Locks and hardware for these models are available for all versions and all years.

What is a lock cylinder set?

Each door on your Accord has a lock. The front doors use cylinder locksets, while the back doors have latches. You can pop these buttons up and down when getting in and out of your car. Front doors have sets that consist of multiple components. When you buy one of these sets, you get all the pieces that you need to replace the lock, including:

  • Cylinder - This is the metal piece that you see on the outside of the door. It installs inside the handle and allows you to insert your key.
  • Key - You also get a key that works with that cylinder. This key allows you to open your doors.
  • Instructions - Most sets come with instructions that show you how to remove your old lock and install your new one.
Will the same hardware work with all models?

Make sure that you know the age and generation of your Accord before shopping. The first generation refers to cars made until 1982, and the second generation ran until 1985. Honda also offered this vehicle in a third generation and a fourth generation through the 1990s. The ninth generation Accord launched in 2017. Some models have power systems that are not compatible with older products. Earlier models will likely need simple hardware.

What is a trunk actuator?

In addition to door hardware, you may need a trunk actuator as well. An actuator is a type of lock lets you access your trunk. A trunk actuator features a cylinder that fits on the trunk. It connects to a latch inside the car that controls the trunk. When you twist the cylinder after inserting your key, it tells the latch to release, which forces the trunk open.

Who makes aftermarket products?

The manufacturers of aftermarket products and accessories work carefully to ensure that those pieces are compatible with the Accord. Standard Motor Products, Airtex, Dorman, and OE+ are companies that make these parts. You can also include unbranded components in your search. Unlike companies that use branding on the packaging and products, these items lack any manufacturing marks. Unbranded products can include lock actuators, power switches, and cylinders. Some work with specific doors on your Accord like the drivers side or passengers side.