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Frequently Asked Questions About the Logitech Unifying USB Receiver

The Logitech unifying USB receiver plugs directly into the USB port of your computer and automatically connects any compatible mice, keyboards, trackballs, and trackpads. It reduces the hassle of operating multiple receivers at once, and the receiver itself is small and unobtrusive and will stick out of the USB port by less than half an inch. Choose one of the options on eBay and make life a little more convenient for yourself.

Does the unifying receiver require any setup?

No, it doesn't. The receiver has plug and play capabilities, so the computer will automatically recognize it. Once attached to the computer, it will start working within seconds.

What are some features of a unifying receiver?

The unifying receiver lets you connect up to six devices at a single time, so you don't need to waste valuable USB ports or switch different receivers in and out of your computer. This convenient receiver will work with any compatible device that has the Logitech unifying logo somewhere on the packaging or surface. Most compatible devices will already come with a unifying receiver, but you can purchase a standalone receiver to replace a lost or damaged one or have a useful backup. If you own multiple Logitech unifying receivers, then you can switch between two different computers using a single mouse or keyboard with the press of a button. A dual connectivity mouse or keyboard is required to make this work.

The unifying receiver is also compatible with Logitech's flow system in which a mouse or trackpad automatically switches between computers when you move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen. The flow system creates a cohesive work environment. A compatible Logitech keyboard will automatically follow the cursor between the computers, so you can start typing immediately. You can even copy a file from one computer and paste it on another. The flow system works between Windows and Mac computers.

What is the maximum distance of the unifying receiver?

The 2.4 GHz wireless technology works from up to 33 meters or 10 feet away. It cuts through wireless interference and works with minimal delays or lost connections.

What are the system requirements of the unifying receiver?

The receiver has no specific hardware requirements, but you do need to be running a copy of one of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 are all compatible with the receiver.
  • Mac OS: Mac users will need a copy of Mac OS 10.10 or later.
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