Longines Stainless Steel Case Wristwatches

Make a statement when you wear one of these Longines stainless steel case wristwatches. Constructed with scratch-resistant designs, these stainless steel watches are less likely to get damaged by any accidental drops. With their modern styles, they are fantastic for upgrading your wardrobe.

Available Band Materials for Longines Stainless Steel Case Watches:
  • Solid Gold
  • Genuine Leather
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silver
  • Faux Leather

Solid gold bands are resistant to corrosion for added durability. Entirely made of gold, the bands are highly precious and beautiful. Genuine leather band wristwatches have a traditional style, which gives them a timeless feel. Genuine leather bands wear well and develop a natural patina, ageing beautifully over the course of time.

Popular Case Colours for Longines Stainless Steel Case Wristwatches:
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Beige
  • Rose Gold
  • Yellow Gold

Yellow case wristwatches are great for adding a hint of colour to any look. With a unique case colour, these yellow watches are excellent for a one-of-a-kind timepiece. Silver case wristwatches are chic timepieces, which you'll love wearing every day. Impressive in their simplicity, they have a traditional appearance for a perfect wardrobe essential.

Popular Movement Types for Longines Stainless Steel Case Wristwatches:
  • Mechanical Hand-Wound Movements
  • Quartz Automatic Movements
  • Automatic Movements
  • Tuning Fork Movements
  • Quartz Solar-Powered Movements

Hand-wound mechanical wristwatches are a popular choice for anyone who enjoys the motion of manually winding their timepiece. They tend to have thinner profiles for a sleeker appearance. Automatic quartz movement wristwatches tick with the assistance of a small crystal that vibrates to turn the hands. The movements are known for their accuracy and precision, making these watches especially reliable.