After pouring through an endless array of jewellery, you still cannot find the piece you envision. Take matters into your own hands and have a jeweler create the item of your dreams using loose diamonds. Sellers on eBay offer a wide array of diamonds featuring various sizes, shapes, and colours to complete your design.

Decide on the Size 

Loose diamonds come in a number of sizes, from small, dainty stones to large, gleaming solitaire stones. Carat is the unit used to weigh diamonds. Diamonds smaller than .24 carat work well as decorative accent stones in a ring or necklace. These accent stones surround the larger stones. Jewelers may use multiple small loose diamonds to craft a gorgeous bracelet or to adorn hoop earrings. For rings and necklaces, diamonds larger than a carat create a stunning piece. Diamonds that measure two to four carats are a true showcase stone sure to draw attention to the wearer.

Pick a Shape 

Diamonds come in an assortment of shapes that highlight the stone's natural beauty in different ways. The best cut depends on your personal aesthetics and your goals for the stone. Many prefer the round cut because it reflects light the best, resulting in a glittering, brilliant stone. Princess cut stones are another popular alternative that preserves most of the diamond's luster. It gives jewellery a slightly more modern look than the round cut.

The radiant cut is a type of rectangular cut. It results in a lively diamond that blends well with round or princess cut diamonds to create a truly stunning piece. An emerald cut diamond also showcases a rectangular style. Many prefer the emerald cut because it preserves a larger surface area of the diamond. Cushion cut diamonds contain rounded corners that improve the brilliance of the stone. For a distinct look, consider the pear cut, as its teardrop shape stands out from other options. The oval cut is a common alternative to the round cut, especially for rings.

Know Your Diamond 

Diamonds vary dramatically from stone to stone. Each diamond has a specified colour and clarity. Look for colourless diamonds to increase the shininess of your jewellery. Colour grades go from D to Z, with D indicating a colourless stone. Clarity is another characteristic to take into account. It ranges from flawless to various levels of inclusion. Flawless diamonds result in a more valuable piece of jewellery.