Luigis Mansion Video Games

Most games in the Super Mario series have featured Mario, but Nintendo finally gave his worrywart younger brother a starring role in the "Luigis Mansion" video games series. These exploration and puzzle-based games offer a new play style and different design, not to mention a plotline involving ghosts. Its Luigis time to shine as he takes on the task of keeping his mansion ghost-free.

What are the "Luigis Mansion" games about?

The star of the Mansion series is, of course, Luigi, the younger brother of Mario from the Super Mario games. Luigi is an anxious character, and in particular, he is terrified of ghosts. This becomes a problem because it turns out that ghosts inhabit Luigis newly acquired mansion, where he is tasked with defeating them. With the help of a scientist named Professor E. Gadd and his trusty Poltergust tool, Luigi must conquer his fears and embark on an adventure to rid his mansion of the spiteful spirits.

How many Luigis Mansion games are there?

There are three titles in the Mansion series although only two are available for home purchase and gameplay. The first, "Luigis Mansion," was released in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube. The sequel, "Dark Moon," was released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS during Nintendos Year of Luigi event. Finally, in 2015, a "Luigis Mansion" arcade game was released in Japan. This version eventually made its debut in America, with machines showing up in American locations early in 2017.

Who can play the "Luigis Mansion" series?

This series is rated E for everyone, meaning that the content of the series is suitable for all ages. Despite the plot being centreed around ghost hunting, the games are not scary due to the cartoonish game design and the antics of the main character. However, these games are not only enjoyable for children; the gameplay involves exploration, discovery, and puzzle-solving aspects that are likely to pose a challenge and hold the interest of grownups. As the rating suggests, both adults and children can play the "Luigis Mansion" series.

How are the reviews of the games in this series?

The two at-home titles in the series have received very positive reviews overall, both from professional critics and players. The series has been praised for its play mechanics, graphics, and design. On the whole, "Dark Moon" received slightly higher ratings than the original Mansion, which is rare for a sequel. However, both were well-received by the gaming community.

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