Macbook Air 13 Hard Case

How do you find the right Macbook Air 13 hard case?

Protecting your MacBook Air from scuffs, dirt, and damage is a wise move, and a MacBook Air cover can help keep it looking great for years to come. Cases and covers for your Mac Air can not only protect your computer, but they can also help you personalize it to match your own style. MacBook Air 13-inch cases come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and even different textures.

What textures do Macbook Air covers come in?

Many of the MacBook Air covers come in a hard or rubberized plastic. Some MacBook Air 13 hard cases are crystal clear or matte. Other cases are glossy or glittery. There are other kinds of cases that are designed to be protective and include bumper cover parts at the edges. Some covers are more focused on design and aesthetics than protection. The cover may be for both the top and bottom or just the top and may not offer full protection. Decide before buying which type of cover is suitable for your needs.

Can this cover fit other types of laptop?

Macbook Air covers are not universal. You will need to confirm that the cover will work with your specific MacBook Air not only with the size but also the year. Confirming the actual model number will make things much clearer. The reason for these differences is that actual dimension and contour changes in addition to making sure that theres clearance for the power and other cords or devices. No one wants to have to take the cover off or manually make holes in the cover to provide access. Also be sure that the item is not for a MacBook Pro as none of the cases through the years will be compatible.

Do covers come by themselves or in package deals?

Yes, eBay offers many MacBook Air protective cases that come in package deals including a silicone or rubber keyboard cover, dust plugs or screen protectors. The keyboard covers often coordinate nicely with the cover you choose. Most covers cover both the top and bottom of the laptop, but some covers are only for the top.

Do Macbook Air 13 inch cases show Apples logo?

Many cases do allow for the Apple logo to be seen or the case itself is somewhat see-through. Some cases do appear to show the logo, but you may want to confirm with the seller before buying as some lots may not be the same.

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