Marantz Vintage Stereo Receivers

Marantz is a company that makes audio equipment such as receivers, amplifiers, and sound systems for home and professional use. Founded in New York, Marantz moved its production to Japan, where its audio and stereo products are still made.

What are the features of vintage Marantz stereo receivers?
  • Engraved face panels: Marantz receivers feature engraved face panels with the company's logo and name. The engraving is also done to label each of the knobs that are on the face plate and all of the connections that are on the back of the model.
  • Wood panel or metal housing: The housing of Marantz equipment was made of either a wood-grain covered metal or a plain metal housing. The housing features side and top vents for heat dissipation.
  • Digital display: The digital display on the face of the Marantz audio equipment features a digital and back-lit display for the tuner so that you can see what radio station you are on. The digital display also shows the frequency response and the volume level for the audio signal.
What inputs and outputs does a Marantz receiver have?
  • Amplifier and preamplifier: The amplifier out amplifies the sounds before they are sent to the stereo's speakers. The preamplifier sends the same level of sound directly to the stereo's speakers.
  • Tape: The tape input allows the AV receiver to get data from a cassette tape player.
  • Compact disk and video: These connections allow you to get audio from a compact disk player or a television.
  • Speakers: On the back of the Marantz receiver, you will find at least four connections for left and right speakers. Some of the models feature a matrix speaker output.
How do you use a turntable with these stereo receivers?

Vinyl music albums gained in popularity after World War II, and they remained a key way of listening to music through the 1980s with a resurgence in the 2000s. To play your vintage or new vinyl records, you will need to use a record player with the audio receiver in order to hear the sound of the music. To connect the record player to the AV receiver run RCA cables from the turntable to the phono MM or MC inputs on your receiver. Be sure to plug the left cable into the left jack and the right cable into the right jack. The cables and jacks are colour-coded black and red, or white and red. Select the phono input on the receiver. Plug in the receiver and the record player.

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