Margarita Glasses

Whether you want a simple set of two high-quality Margarita glasses for special evenings at home sitting on the porch enjoying the view, or you plan to serve many festive drinks to party crowds, you have many choices in glassware. From colour to size to material, margarita glasses are available in many price ranges, from affordable and disposable to valuable and collectible glassware.

What type of glass should you choose for parties or get-togethers?

Unless you have a special event or are making some signature giant drinks, you will probably want to choose smaller glasses for a group event in or to control serving size. A Margarita glass that holds 9 to 12 ounces is the best choice to serve to multiple guests and is considered standard for drink recipes.

  • Disposable and Acrylic Glasses Nothing is more disappointing than shattered barware. Acrylic margarita glasses provide a clear view, won't break, and come in attractive plain colours and Southwest-inspired colours and shapes. Plastic disposable glasses make party serving and clean-up easy.
  • coloured, Confetti, and Art Glasses Margarita glasses made in Mexico come with green cactus stems or heavy hand-blown art glass. Multi-coloured confetti glass provides an attractive, festive view for parties and dinners.
  • Super-Size, Large, and Giant Glasses Couples will romantically sip from a 36-ounce or larger glass up to 64 ounces and beyond. A super-sized margarita glass can also be used for a table display of fruit or flowers.
  • Specialty Margarita Glass Types Choose between a light-up LED stem margarita glass and pour-and-freeze specialty margarita glass goblets.
  • Can you serve margaritas in a mini or specialty glass? You can serve a margarita in any type of margarita glass, but you may get more out of a mini margarita glass with a clear view that can double as a martini glass.

Are hand-blown and painted glasses safe to drink out of?

Most commercially sold margarita glasses are safe. Some painted types of festive glass are meant for display only. Be sure to check the item description to see if the goblet contains lead or the paint is on the exterior of the glass, making it safe for beverage use.

  • Sets Vs. Individual Glasses Libbey and other manufacturers offer margarita glass sets of two, four, eight and a dozen. If you serve a lot of margaritas, a margarita glass set can be a good investment. If you consume margaritas occasionally, buying one interesting glass at a time can be the right choice.
  • Collectors Glasses Many legends surround the invention of margaritas and the margarita glass. No one says they were invented before 1938. If you find an older glass from the 1940s or 1950s, it has a good chance of being a collector's item.