Industrial Material Handling

From loading and unloading products in your commercial truck, to packing and shipping items to customers in similar industries, you need to handle materials regularly and safely. If you've been looking into conveyor belts or other methods of operations, you have may have a few options. Explore the different types of material handling equipment and supplies to determine how you can perform your job more efficiently.

What material handling equipment will increase efficiency in a warehouse?
  • Forklifts - You can use the forklifts to easily lift heavy pallets of product onto the racks as well as efficiently move heavy items such as mowers and appliances.
  • Racks - Steel racks are an essential piece of equipment for your production and storage areas. They can hold pallets as well as loose boxes of products.
  • Industrial storage - Metal shelving and heavy-duty storage cabinets will protect your parts, accessories, and essential paperwork.
  • Conveyor equipment - When you're ready to upgrade your material handling equipment to an automated line, a conveyor belt will keep the assembly process going at each step.
How do you encourage employees to safely lift materials?

Very few things will slow your employees down more than back and knee injuries. Safe material handling tips include:

  • Use assistance - If you need to lift an item that weighs more than you can safely handle, ask a colleague for assistance. If a colleague is not available and it is possible, use a hand truck.
  • Lift with your knees - Use your knees as the base for lifting an object, regardless of the weight.
  • Lift close to the body - Keep the object as close to you as possible when lifting. This provides more stability and reduces injury risk.
  • Avoid lifting from the floor - Encourage employees to avoid lifting items directly from the floor as this requires more effort to properly raise the materials. Lift from a conveyor or table whenever possible.
What supplies will you need to pack and ship materials?

Outside of boxes, tape, and packing list supplies, you'll need the ability to ship larger items. Necessary material handling items include:

  • Crates - Wooden crates are ideal for sending items that need to be in dark, cool, and protected locations during shipping.
  • Pallets - When you're sending a large load to a single destination, a pallet can keep everything safely loaded in one spot.
  • Hand trucks - These wheeled devices make material handling and maneuvering larger boxes efficient and safe.
  • Industrial ladder - If you need to regularly handle items on a high shelf, a heavy-duty ladder will be durable enough to allow you to do this repeatedly.