Mattel Dolls

Mattel Dolls

Since the late 1950s, the Mattel brand has been creating and producing iconic dolls and other toys for both young boys and girls. From Frozen dolls to WWE figures, Mattel has covered a lot of ground in the toy industry. Several different types of Mattel dolls are available from Mattels different collections.

What dolls are available from the Mattel Company?

Mattel offers several different doll collections to meet all of your childs play needs. Their doll collections include:

  • Barbie: An 11.5-inch doll available in many different themes such as Holiday, Dream Horse, Justice League, Fashionistas, Dreamtopia, Made to Move, Careers, Birthday Wishes, and Dolphin Friends.
  • DC Super Hero: Fashioned after your favorite DC Super Heroes, these 12-inch dolls come complete with their outfits, weapons, and accessories.
  • Disney Princess Dolls: From Frozens Anna and Elsa to classics like Cinderella and Snow White and every princess in between, Mattel carries your favorite Disney princess dolls.
  • Ever After High and Monster High: Similar to the Barbie doll, Ever After High and Monster High collections feature hair, clothing, shoes, and accessories. They are 10 inches tall and come in a wide variety.
  • Cabbage Patch: From 1994 to 2003, the Mattel brand also made Cabbage Patches.
  • Kuu Kuu Harajuku: These five friends come from the animated series of Kuu Kuu Harajuku. With trendy colorful outfits and adorable charms, you can wear, share, and show your kawaii pride.
How do you care for Mattel brand merchandise?

Properly caring for your Mattel items is important for keeping them looking their best and maintaining their longevity. Keep in mind that the older an item is, the more gently you will need to care for it in order to preserve it. When in doubt, contact a professional for cleaning and restoration help.

  • Avoid water: Unless your Mattel toy was designed for water use, as is the case with some Barbies, avoid getting it wet. If, by chance, it does become wet, let it air dry at room temperature. You do not want to place it in the dryer or use a heater as this can permanently damage the materials.
  • Dirt: Brush off any loose dirt as soon as possible. If your doll has ground in dirt or stains, try to take care of them as soon as possible since the longer they sit, the harder they are to remove. Do not place in the washing machine as this can damage your doll, especially if it is older. Instead, use a soft rag with warm water and a mild soap. Gently scrub in circular motions to try to remove the dirt or stain.
  • Storage: You should store your Mattel dolls away from direct heat and sunlight. If possible, cover them so that they do not become dusty.