Measuring Tapes and Rulers

Measuring tapes and rulers are available in a variety of styles and are suitable for casual and professional renovation projects. Most tapes are durable because the housing is constructed out of a rugged material, and the rulers can handle the intense building routines since they're made with strong plastic. Each tool that's available can be used confidently in busy construction environments, residential areas, and business zones.

What features are included with a general measuring tape product?

Many tape measure tools are designed as a tape that's 16 feet or longer. Depending on the design, there may be a special locking mechanism along the edge of the housing. This feature keeps the tape locked at a specific measurement. If a gadget has a locking feature, it will also have a button on the housing that unlocks the locking mechanism. The material that's used to make the main housing near the locking mechanism will vary. Some products are designed with a stainless steel frame and rubber components, and a few gadgets have a commercial-grade plastic housing.

What are the specs for a typical ruler?

Ruler designers use plastic or stainless steel to build traditional measuring products. Many rulers also include unique features that increase efficiency, such as a tough coating or a depth gauge. Rulers that are designed for advanced projects have a folding feature. The mechanisms that fold are made of a strong metal materials that wont rust easily.

What tool options can be used during unique projects?

If the process of compiling tape measurement information seems challenging, a measuring wheel can be beneficial. Some measuring wheels are designed with an LCD screen. When measurement procedures are implemented while using this product, the LCD screen provides measurements quickly. Measurement wheel tools are practical options for crews because:

  • They can use the measuring wheel to measure building perimeters.
  • They can use the wheels to implement calculation procedures during landscaping projects.
  • They can rely on the technology to calculate measurements for fences.

Measuring wheel tools can also be used during businesses and residential projects. In business areas, these gadgets can simplify paving procedures, and the tools can speed up renovations in residential areas, such as re-carpeting.

What tool can be used to measure angled pavements?

Heavy duty angle rulers are designed for angled measurement situations. These rulers have four sides that are constructed out of a durable, stainless steel. Along the edge of each piece, there is a locking mechanism that holds the housing on a pavement.