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Men's Belt Buckles

Belt buckles are a type of accessory that allow you to customize your belt to a particular occasion. A new belt buckle also extends the lifetime of your leather belt. Belt buckles come in a range of sizes, themes, and materials.

What kinds of designs do men's belt buckles come in?

There are many designs for belt buckles. Some common motifs include:

  • Animals - Snakes, eagles, cougars, deer, and rams are common animal themes for belt buckles.
  • Characters - Batman, X-Men, and other superheroes are often featured on men's fashion belt buckles.
  • Cowboy and Western - Cowboy and cowgirl Western belt buckles are popular choices.
  • Geography and states - State outlines and mountains are often used for decorations on belt buckles.
  • Letters, numbers, and symbols - Fashion buckles may have initials, letters, numbers, or symbols.
  • Motorcycle - Motorcycle buckles or those with automotive company logos are a common choice for fashionable belt buckles.
  • Native American - Native American styles for buckles include feathers, the Phoenix, and Native American warriors.
  • Patriotic - Patriotic themes for buckles include the American flag, the Liberty Bell, and eagles.
  • Skeleton and skulls - Skeletons and skulls are commonly used decorations for fashion belt buckles.

What are men's belt buckles made from?

  • Brass - Brass is a yellow alloy consisting of copper and zinc. It offers a corrosion-resistant finish to a belt buckle.
  • Bronze - Bronze buckles are hefty and are often made in smaller sizes than other materials.
  • Pewter - Because of the weight of a pewter buckle, it is usually made in a smaller size.
  • Silver - Silver is commonly used in Western belt buckles. It is highly malleable, allowing for an intricate buckle style, such as a skull or coyote.
  • Sterling silver - A sterling silver buckle is a popular choice because of its durability and malleability. They are often used to make skull, Native American, and intricate Western styles.
  • Stainless steel - Stainless steel is strong and durable. It is a common choice for a fashion belt. This style of belt buckle is also lightweight.

How do you secure a belt buckle onto a belt?

Attaching a new buckle accessory to a belt is a simple process that requires no tools.

  • Begin by unbuttoning or snapping the belt's loop.
  • Remove the current buckle from the belt.
  • Put the belt face up.
  • Arrange the belt's button end to face the new buckle.
  • Put the new buckle accessory face up with the clip end facing the belt.
  • Push the end of the belt through the buckle's clip.
  • centre the metal bar of the belt buckle between the buttons.
  • Keep the buckle steady as you fold the belt's end over and button it.
  • The belt is now ready to go through the belt loops of your pants.