Men's Dress and Formal Shoes

The original pair of shoes is a pair of sagebrush bark sandals that is over 7,000 years old. While some guys love dress shoes to get dressed up for a night out on the town, others prefer to wear formal clothes and shoes only when absolutely necessary. Regardless of which group you fall into, here are some questions you may have about wearing men's dress and formal shoes.

What are some different types of men's dress shoes?

There are many different types of dress shoes, some of the more common styles are listed here:

  • Oxford shoes: Oxfords lace up the front under the vamp, and they have a low heel.
  • Derbies: These choices lace up the front over the vamp, and they have a low heel. They are sometimes called blunchers.
  • Brogue: These shoes lace up the front, have a low heel, and have ornamental decorations in their uppers. Wingtips and cap toes are two possible choices.
  • Monk straps: These sandal choices contain large buckles, and they frequently have a toe cap.
  • Loafer: These choices resemble moccasins are sometimes made from leather.
  • Chukka: These ankle-high boot choices frequently have a crepe sole.
  • Chelsea boots: These ankle-high boot choices have elasticized sides, and they sometimes have a zipper.
What type of toes are found in men's formal shoes?

A variety of toe styles are found in men's formal shoes, including the following:

  • Plain toe: This undecorated option is usually cut at an angle across the front.
  • Wingtip: This choice ends with a design like a letter "M" before the top of the foot.
  • Brogue: This option has perforations on the toe cap.
  • Whole cut: The toes on these options are a continuation of the upper.
  • Round toe: This choice has a half-circle size toe space, making it a preferred style for some to walk in.
What type of soles are found on men's dress shoes?

Manufacturers place a variety of soles on men's dress shoes, and a few options are described here:

  • Leather: Single or double layers of leather can be used for the sole.
  • Rubber: These choices frequently provide more stability.
  • Crepe: These choices are made of coagulated latex, and they frequnetly have a crinkled appearance.
  • Dainite: These rubber soles are designed to give more grip in inclement weather.
What are some types of natural leather used?

Different types of leather are used to provide different looks, and they are listed here:

  • Patent: Patent leather has a shiny appearance that was traditionally made with linSeed oil, but it is now made with many synthetic oils.
  • Smooth: This choice has no grain or pebbling.
  • Full grain:This natural choice is obtained right below the animal's hair or fur.
  • Top grain: This natural choice is obtained from the underside of the skin, and it is buffed to remove imperfections.
  • Pebble grain: This natural choice starts out as top grain and is run under a heavy roller to provide its pebbly appearance.