Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Men's Sweats and Hoodies

Hoodies can be worn by men on any occasion and during all seasons of the year. These men's sweats and hoodies come in a variety of sizes that can be narrowed into two categories of regular, and big and tall. These sweatshirts, hoodies, and other clothing are available from a wide array of brands that include Adidas, Kenneth Cole, Kirkland Signature, Nike, and Franklin Sports.

What are the different styles of hoodies for men?

There are long sleeve hoodies, hoodies with and without drawstring, and zip hoodies in different styles from many brands, some of which are listed here:

  • Lace-up hoodie: This pullover hoodie includes laces around the neck that can be tightened or loosened by pulling the laces or tugging at the collar, respectively. These particular types of clothing come with pockets toward the bottom with openings on both sides of the garment.
  • Full-zip hoodie: This comes with a zipper that extends from the bottom of the piece of clothing to the neck. It also comes with several pockets.
  • Sweatshirt with crew: This non-collared sweatshirt can either be thick or thin, and it comes with a crew neckline, which is close-fitting and rounded.
  • Track jacket: This thin jacket comes with ribbed cuffs, a ribbed waistband, and slanted pockets that come with zippers.
Which materials are these men's sweatshirts and hoodies made from?
  • Lycra: This elastic polyurethane fabric is fully man-made. Lycra can be produced in many ways, from a spinning solution to a bundled one. This material is commonly used in close-fitting sweats and hoodies.
  • Velvet: This closely woven fabric is made from materials such as nylon, silk, or cotton. It is made with a short and dense pile, and it comes with a tufted texture.
  • 100% cotton: This is a natural material found around the Seeds of a variety of plants in tropical regions around the world. It is spun into the textile fabric that is used in clothing.
  • Fleece: This material is made directly from polyester and comes with a napped texture.
  • Polyester: This synthetic resin is made with some natural chemicals and is referred to as a thermoplastic material. It is commonly included with other materials such as cotton to create a blended fabric.
Which colours are available with these hoodies?

These hoodies can be chosen in colours like red and black. Some of the additional colours include beige, blue, brown, ivory, green, and white. A selection can also be chosen in multiple colours with combinations like blue and grey as well as camouflage.

What are some hoodie themes that can be selected?

Some themes that you can select with these hoodies include the Beatles, Mickey Mouse, and Radiohead. Some of these hoodies come with sports themes like bodybuilding, boxing, rugby, snowboarding, and soccer. Additional themes include poker, Batman, Harry Potter, U.S. Navy, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones.