Men's Shorts

There are many different styles of men's shorts available. While many options have no pockets, others have many different styles of pockets. You can select a pair of shorts based on brand, style, colour, and other factors.

What are some styles of men's shorts?

There are a variety of shorts for men, including:

  • Chino: These midweight cotton or cotton-blend options usually extend to just above the knee.
  • Cargo: These choices usually have patch pockets that are placed at thigh level, and they can be made of synthetic or cotton fabric.
  • Bermuda: These options, which can have cuffs, usually end about 1 inch above the knees, and they're usually made of cotton or cotton-blend fabric.
  • Flat-front: These options are usually made of cotton.
  • Golf: These cotton-blend or polyester shorts usually end at the knee.
  • Board or surf: These knee-length men's shorts can be made of polyester or nylon, and the fabric often has bold patterns.
  • Basketball: These long shorts are cut to hang loose and are made of mesh fabric.
  • Carpenter: These high-waisted options for men are often made of heavy, cotton fabric, and they often have large pockets.
  • Running: These options are usually very short, and they are often made of nylon fabric.
  • Khaki: These choices are made with cotton or wool fabric and usually have a pocket on each side.
What type of pockets can be found on men's shorts?

Designers put a variety of different styles of pockets on men's shorts including the following types.

  • Slit: When examined when empty, these pockets look like a small opening on the fabric.
  • Patch: These pockets are made with an extra piece of fabric added to the outside of the garment.
  • Slash: These pockets usually start at the waist and go down the front of the garment.
  • Side: These pockets are placed in the side seam of the garment.
  • Welt: These slit pockets are finished with a coordinating piece of fabric.
  • Flap: These pockets have a flap covering the pocket.
  • Zippered: These slit or patch pockets close with a zipper.
  • Kangaroo: These pockets have two compartments, and they are usually found on the front of garments.
  • Ticket: These tiny pockets are usually set inside a side or slash pocket.
What are some key steps in buying men's shorts?

Following some guidelines may help.

  • Select a style: Many different men's styles are available from running shorts to flat-front shorts.
  • Select a desired size: Look for shorts in your size, such as men's S or XL.
  • Select a preferred material: Shorts are made from a variety of material, including cotton, polyester, nylon, and others.
  • Select a colour: Many different colours are available, such as black and neon green.