MerCruiser Complete Inboard Gas Engines

Get Cruising With MerCruiser Complete Inboard Gas Engines

Mercurys MerCruiser gas engines give you speed during launch and as you sail across the open seas, lakes, or rivers. Inboards work differently from outboard options, so it is important to understand how they function before you purchase a new inboard gas engine on eBay.

What size engines does MerCruiser offer?

MerCruiser engines come in a variety of performance levels, but they are all V8. With different horsepower, RPM, and, displacement, each option might be better for a different marine craft. For smaller craft, less displacement will offer similar speeds. Mercurys brand, MerCruiser, offers four different inboard gas engines with max RPMs ranging from 4400 to 5400. Horsepower can be as low as 300 or as high as 425. Displacement is 6.2 or 8.2, depending on the motor. See the manufacturer site for details.

How do these engines work?

Mercurys MerCruiser inboard engines install inside the hull of your craft. The motor typically connects to the drive shaft, which transfers power and steering directions to the exterior of the craft. This protects them from the elements and offers a number of other benefits, including:

  • Quiet running: Engines housed inside the hull run much more quietly than outboard, making it easier to hold a conversation while the marine craft is in motion.
  • Increased torque and horsepower: Inboard engines are modeled after cars, and that shows in their performance. They offer more power and, often, faster speeds.
  • Better fuel efficiency: Inboards run on less gas than many of the alternatives, making them a good choice for anyone who spends a lot of time boating.
How are inboard engines cooled?

Inboards produce heat inside of your craft. That makes cooling systems an important part of avoiding fires. There are two basic types of cooling systems for your inboard motor:

  • Raw-water cooling systems use surrounding water: Water surrounding the boat is pumped past the engine for cooling. Craft operating in saltwater may need additional help to prevent corrosion.
  • Closed cooling systems use heat exchangers: Heat exchangers provide indirect cooling, keeping metal parts sealed away from corrosive agents like saltwater.
How do you winterize inboard engines?

Winter weather can damage boats, so it is important to properly winterize them to minimize damage during the offseason. Each MerCruiser inboard engine may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions as you complete the following steps:

  • Start your boat: To properly winterize an inboard, you must get it up to operating temperature and have proper water flow during the process.
  • Treat your fuel: If you are storing your boat with fuel in the tank, be sure to add a gasoline stabilizer and follow any instructions for use.
  • Replace filters and change the oil: Once the boat is at operating temperature, replace the fuel and oil filters. Then, replace the oil following the proper procedure provided by the manufacturer.
  • Follow all manufacturers weatherization directions: Weatherization doesnt end with the engine. Youll also need to prepare the transmission, drive train, cooling system, and other areas to prepare for the cold.
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