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Midas Venice Mixer

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Midas Venice Mixer

Whether you have a garage band or are part of a touring ensemble, you want to get the perfect sound on stage. To do this, you need a mixing console like the Midas Venice mixer. Before searching through the multiple models of the Venice mixers available on eBay, check out this important information.

Are there multiple models of Midas Venice mixing consoles available?

Yes. The Midas Venice mixer comes in different models. These models mostly have the same features, with the main difference between them being the number of channels they have. Here are some of the affordable models that are available when it comes to Midas Venice mixers:

  • Midas Venice 160: This is the smallest of the Venice line of mixers. It has 16 channels, making it ideal for running a band rehearsal or smaller performances. It also has two AUX channels.
  • Midas Venice 240: This provides users with 24 channels, making it more applicable for running live band performances. It has four auxiliary channels for monitoring.
  • Midas Venice 320: This is the largest of these compact mixers at 36 channels, making it the most useful for larger bands and live performances. This mixer is also useful for recording.
What outputs does a Midas Venice Mixer f32 have?

Depending on whether you are using the mixer to play music on a sound system, record, or mix a live band, there is an applicable output. If you are running to speakers, use the RCA outputs on the back of the model. In a live sound setting, the XLR outs are the most useful. You can also connect the console to your computer for recording using the USB out on the backplate of the Midas Venice mixer. Mixers with a "U" in the model name have a USB port.

What inputs does a Midas Venice have for recording?

Each channel on the mixer has two inputs for receiving a signal from an instrument or a microphone. Run any instrument directly to the board using the 1/4-inch input for that channel. If you want to mic an amplifier or record vocals, use the XLR input for that channel. XLR and 1/4-inch inputs are available for each channel on the board. The new and used Midas mixing consoles found on eBay represent some of the most versatile and powerful for their size in the industry.

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