Mighty Beanz

Mighty Beanz is a collectible toy that was popular in the early 2000s and continues to be sold to the public. These tiny, pill-shaped toys feature wacky and colourful designs, and the toys contain small weights that allow them to race down various tracks. Each Mighty Bean has a different character painted on, and the Mighty Beanz have various editions and groups that each persona belongs to in the collection.

How can Mighty Beanz be used and enjoyed?

There are three major reasons Mighty Beanz can be fun, enjoyable toys for both children and adults.

  • Nostalgic, entertaining toys: The original set of Mighty Beanz went on the market in 2002. The Beanz can offer plenty of fun because they roll around in a way that is unique from other toys. They also include heroes relevant to children and young adults alike with people from Star Wars and the DC Universe featured on some Beanz.
  • Competitive: One of the main ways to play with Mighty Beanz is to race them down certain tracks. The Jump Track, Flip Track, Collision Chaos, and Super S-Bend are four racing courses for the Beanz to compete on when they're in use.
  • Collectible: Each Mighty Bean is a unique personality, and each pack of Mighty Beanz had the chance to unlock a rare or extra-rare Mighty Bean. The early packs then expanded to include ultra-rare Mega Beanz, another type or version of each Bean. The racetracks also included secret special Bean editions. Some sets, like the Star Wars set, have the potential to become collector's items.
What editions of Mighty Beanz are there?

Since the toy's humble beginnings, Mighty Beanz has expanded into multiple normal series and editions. Partners such as The Simpsons and Star Wars have gotten their own specialty sets of Mighty Beanz, letting the users spend some quality time playing with Bean versions of their favourite people from these universes.

  • Mighty Beanz Series 1-5: These were the original Mighty Beanz sets introduced between 2002 and 2006 and included highly coveted items such as the red collector's box, the glow-in-the-dark Bean, and the famous Flip Track. Many of the original Series 1 toys are considered collectibles, especially the aforementioned Flip Track and Mega Bean versions of some Beanz.
  • Star Wars Mighty Beanz: During the time of the 2010 relaunch the toy company partnered with other franchises, including Star Wars. An entire set of Mighty Beanz Star Wars toys was produced. Some of the notable Mighty Beanz Star Wars models include Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda. Other Star Wars champions are also available, and some of the rarer Star Wars characters are beloved heroes from the new movies.
  • Marvel Universe: Another partnership resulted in Marvel Universe Beanz. This series included famous superheroes like Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four represented as Beans.
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