What to Know About Minolta Macro Close-up Camera Lenses

When you see a butterfly land on a flower or spot a snail crawling by, a macro close-up lens can assist you in capturing a detailed photo of these subjects. These lenses are compatible with a wide array of mounts and with camera brands like Canon, Nikon, and Sony. They also come with both fixed and zoom focal lengths.

What types of cameras can these lenses be used with?

These lenses are versatile and work with these styles of cameras:

  • Digital single-lens reflex: This is a type of digital device that captures photos and video onto memory cards and other digital media. DSLR cameras come with interchangeable lenses and are designed with various manual and automatic settings, allowing you to switch between options.
  • Medium format: This type uses photographic film that is around 120 mm in size. These devices come primarily with manual settings.
  • Mirrorless: This is a type that comes with interchangeable lenses as well as a digital sensor. The absence of a mirror system allows these devices to have a compact design.
  • Single-lens reflex: This is a model that can record the pictures you take onto photographic film. These devices are outfitted with a large number of manual settings and come with an SLR system.
  • Point-and-shoot: This is a camera designed to provide you with the equipment necessary to take pictures without needing to change settings before doing so. Point-and-shoot cameras are compact in design and are mainly outfitted with retractable lenses. Although manual exposure control is sometimes provided, most settings are automatic.
How does a macro lens work?

This is a type of close-up lens that is designed to capture small subjects and turn them into larger-than-life representations in the final photo. This is accomplished by using a 1:1 magnification level that allows for high amounts of zoom without losing detail. A longer focal length denotes a greater distance from the subject to achieve 1:1 magnification. Minolta macro lenses come in short, medium, and tele-macro focal lengths in a wide spectrum ranging from around 28 mm to 210 mm; individual lenses have a set focal length or a range of lengths. Most macro lenses have a maximum aperture of around f-2.8.

What are the different focus types available with these lenses?

These lenses come in three different focus types:

  • Auto: This is a type of focus system that alters the focus of a lens automatically before you take the picture, which means that the lens will move in or out once an object is identified within the frame of the device you are using. This focus system is powered by a small motor and works in combination with the sensor.
  • Manual: This is a type of focus system that requires you to change the focus settings by hand, which can primarily be done via a thin ring that is surrounds the centre or base of a lens.
  • Auto/manual: Some devices can accommodate both manual and automatic focus modes. You can typically change modes with a small switch found on the side of the close-up lens you are using.
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