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Monroe Car & Truck Shocks and Struts

The suspension of your car or truck has a role in both the safety and performance of the vehicle. Monroe Shocks and Struts has been manufacturing automobile parts since its founding in 1916. Whether you need shocks or struts, Monroe has a wide selection to fit most vehicles.

What are shock absorbers and struts?

Shock absorbers and struts are both components of the suspension system in your car or truck. While shock absorbers may be stand-alone parts, struts are generally combined with the coil springs to play a more integrated role in the suspension of your vehicle. They perform the same function as shocks but also help support the chassis.

What do Monroe shocks and struts do?

Many people may think first about a riders comfort when they hear about struts and shock absorbers. While it’s true that they keep you from feeling every pothole, another job is to keep your tires on the road. For example, they assist with the following actions:

  • Controls the weight on each tire - This constant pressure produces consistent contact with the road.
  • Absorbs bounce - Every time you drive over a hole, or a bump, the shock absorbers and struts help keep this motion from being transmitted to the driver and passengers.
  • Controls roll and sway - When you go around a curve or steer sharply to avoid a hazard, the suspension components keep the body of the car positioned over the wheels.
  • Controls the acceleration squat and brake dive - Acceleration squat occurs when your car’s weight shifts to the back upon the acceleration of your vehicle. Brake dive occurs when you brake firmly, and the car’s weight shifts to the front. Shocks and struts help to minimize these effects for safe handling.
  • Prevents premature wear - Worn shocks and struts may cause premature or uneven wear of the tires and other parts of the suspension system.
How do you choose the right shocks?

Besides making sure the shocks will fit your vehicle, different models of shock absorbers and struts do offer different features.

  • For SUVs and trucks that have high centers of gravity, there may be shocks available that compensate for the added roll and sway that can come with these vehicles. If you have a mid-size or full-size pickup or van, you might want a shock that has a high capacity and enhanced heat dispersal.
  • There are also heavy-duty models that you may want to consider if you frequently haul and tow heavy loads. If your hauling is sporadic or the loads you haul vary in weight, you might prefer a load-adjusting shock.
  • Some cars, pickups, and SUVs have electronic shocks and struts as original equipment. This company makes replacement parts that are fully compatible with these suspensions.
What types of struts does this company offer?

Monroe’s struts are available to fit most models of cars, pickups, and SUVs. They are engineered to match the performance of the original factory parts.

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