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Mazda 5 Motor Mounts

The real issue, when it comes to cars like your Mazda 5 performance vehicle, isn’t that unexpected pothole or other cars on the road but just the everyday bump and grind of driving. Everything under the hood of your car is grinding, rotating, vibrating, and being thrust around. This holds true for the motor mounts that keep your Mazda engine in place as well, and if you are experiencing excessive vibration, noise, or engine movement, then it may be time to replace the mounts.

How do different motor mounts work?

There are a few different options for motor mounts, but all of these parts share the same basic design. Each kit includes a bracket that attaches to the frame of your car, the motor mount that attaches to the engine, and mounting hardware to keep it all together.

  • The most common motor mounts for your Mazda vehicle use a hardened piece of rubber to bridge the gap between engine and frame. They provide a great buffer to the noise and vibration of your vehicle’s motor by allowing slight flex or movement of the engine.
  • Hydraulic mounts have a chamber that fills up with hydraulic fluid. They are used in vehicles with smaller, four-cylinder engines that vibrate more.
  • Polyurethane motor mounts provide a stiffer surface for the engine to rest on, which means more vibration but also more power through the drive line to the wheels. They are a great if you have made some performance modifications to your Mazda vehicle.
  • Solid engine mounts are metal on metal and have no dampening of vibration. They provide the least amount of engine flex, meaning the most power transfer possible in your car. These are a good option for racing.
Are there differences between OEM and aftermarket engine mounts?

When you need new engine mounts, you can decide between parts from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or other brand engine mounts. OEM engine mounts are produced by Mazda and are designed specifically with the engine and frame of your car in mind. Aftermarket engine mounts are made by third-party companies and are usually designed to be compatible parts for any make or model of vehicle that is similar to yours in design. OEM parts are from Mazda. Third-party engine mount kits can provide high performance choices. Shop around and compare everything available before making a choice.

How do you replace motor mounts?
  • First, make sure there are no parts such as hoses, wires, or lines to get caught, snagged, kinked, or ripped when lifting the engine.
  • Secure the engine on a jack, placing blocks of wood between the engine and frame for support. Loosen up the mounting hardware holding the engine to the frame, and then go underneath and remove the brackets from the frame.
  • Lift the engine just enough to get a hand in to remove the old motor mounts. Make sure the new mounts are compatible and install them on the motor, working backward from the way that you removed them.