Motorcycle & Scooter Brake Disc Rotors

Motorcycle Brake Rotors

The brake rotors are a central component of the braking system. By pressing down on the wheels, they slow the speed of the motorcycle. If you need to replace or upgrade the brake rotors on your motorcycle, then these parts can help.

How do the brake rotors work?

The braking system involves many different parts working in tandem. When you press down on the brake pedal of your motorcycle, it sets off a chain of events that results in the brake pads being forced down onto the spinning rotor attached to the wheel. This creates an enormous amount of friction, which reduces the speed of the bike. It essentially works by converting kinetic energy into heat. The heat is then dissipated and lost. Both the front and rear brake rotors act independently from one another.

How many types of brake rotors are available?

There are two general types of brake rotors. Slotted rotors, as the name implies, uses slots on the metal surface to remove heat and water. They tend to be structurally strong. The drilled brake rotors, on the other hand, are generally good at dissipating heat and dealing with water. Drilled rotors tend to be used for cruising or casual riding, whereas the slotted types are more commonly used in high-performance motorcycles.

Why should you change the brake rotors on your motorcycle?

One of the more common reasons to change the rotor is to replace a worn part. The rotor can become impacted by either general wear or because they make too much contact with the metal part of the brake pads. If you are a racer or a serious biking enthusiast, your rotors may be replaced as a part of race-ready maintenance. Another reason to change it is if you want to upgrade the braking system with a high-quality aftermarket part. This is more common in serious racing and sports bikes. Most high-quality motorcycle brake rotors allow a high amount of heat to be vented away from the bike during sudden stops or when running at high speeds. Finally, the last reason to change brake rotors is that they allow a degree of customization on your ride. Motorcycle brake rotors come in many different styles and appearances.

What factors should you consider when purchasing a brake rotor?

The quality and the braking power of the brake rotor are both important factors in your decision. You will want to consider how you use your ride and which type of rotor is appropriate for your circumstances. The more important factor, however, is compatibility. You will need to know beforehand whether the part will fit the make, model, and year of your ride.