Motorcycle & Scooter Fenders

Motorcycle Fenders

Many cyclists ride their motorcycles regardless of the weather. Fenders help to protect the rider and the bike while in motion for a more pleasant ride. This guide will help you choose these products.

Why are motorcycle fenders important?

Fenders are used to cover the rear and front tires, and prevent the debris, mud, and water from being sprayed onto the rider when the tire is rotating. They enable the bikers to ride through all types of terrain.

They are fixed to the following parts of motorcycles:

  • Bottom bracket.
  • Chainstay.
  • Seat post.
What materials are used to make fenders?

Materials used to make these products include:

  • Fiberglass.
  • Steel.
  • Metal.
  • Hard plastic.
  • Aluminum-plastic.

All of these cover the tire at an angle of 180 degrees. It extends beyond the halfway point of the tires. You can also get full-length designs that work for the front and the rear tires.

What are the different types of fenders available?
  • Clip-on: These are used on motorcycles that lack fender mounts. They are easy to install. Clip-on fenders cover the top part of the motorcycles tires.
  • Full-length: These offer complete protection to the rider. Models like road cycle hybrids and beach cruisers function well with these fenders.
  • Bolt-on: These are attached to the pre-drilled holes in the motorcycle. They are designed to be permanently fixed.
What accessories do you need for your motorcycle fender?

There are certain accessories which you will need with the fenders. They are:

  • Lights.
  • Reflectors.
  • Threaded bolts.
  • Washers.
  • Lock washers.
  • Grommets.
How do you get the right size fender?

Finding a fitting motorcycle fender is important. The size will be determined by the thickness of your tires.

Before you buy a fender, make sure you check the size of the tire from the side wall. The 26-inch tire is the most common, but there are other wheels that vary by just a few inches. The width of the tire is also important to consider. Matching the width of your tires with a suitable fender will prevent friction when the tires are rotating.

Clip-on designs fit most bikes as they are attached to the seat post or the bike frame.

Motorcycle fenders come in different styles and with various modifications. If your motorcycle is elaborately modified, you will have to get custom-made designs. In such cases, you will need to take your motorcycle for a professional assessment so that you can know which fenders will work for your bike.