Motorcycle & Scooter Footrests, Foot Pegs & Pedal Pads

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Motorcycle Foot Pegs and Pedal Pads

Motorcycle foot pegs or pedal pads increase a motorcycle riders safety, performance, and comfort. Original equipment manufacturer parts as well as quality aftermarket foot pegs and pedal pads are available. Since one-third of the annual motorcycle injuries in the United States are to the legs, knees, and feet, you may want foot pegs or pedal pads with greater traction or additional safety features than your original or worn pegs or pads.

What kind of passenger foot pegs should be used?

Youve likely developed sufficient skill and coordination to operate a motorcycle, but if you like to carry a passenger, they may not always feel secure behind you. Your passenger is more secure on quality foot rests rather than simple pegs. If your rear auxiliary or passengers pegs fold up when not in use, you might want to consider replacing them with sturdier foot pegs which can prevent damage to your passengers feet if you have an accident.

What are the advantages of highway pegs and pads?

Your crash bars and chrome-plated sliders are designed to protect you, your engine, and your suspension during an accident. Crash bars, especially the chrome-plated steel tubing on each side of your lower frame, are frequently where accessories like highway pegs clamp on to your motorcycle. Adjustable clamps vary in size and shape by original equipment manufacturer, but chrome clamps are easy to install. Leather boots protect your feet, ankles, and lower legs during a collision, but a highway peg with deeper tread mounts directly over your standard peg mounts.

Are Kuryakyn Flamin black brake pedal pads necessary?

Black chrome and rubber Kuryakyn Flamin brake pads for Harley Davidson soft tail and road king motorcycles come individually. Your Harley Davidson with its fuel injected engine, heated hand grips, and six-speed transmission has unlimited potential to take you beyond your dreams. Enjoy traveling comfortably with Kuryakyn securely installed highway pegs for:

  • 1994-2014 Harley Davidson all Road King models
  • 1983-2013 All Electra Glide models
  • 2006-2014 All Street and Road Glides
  • 1990-2014 Harley Davidson Fat Boys
  • 1996-2012 Kawasaki Vulcans
  • 2005-2009 Suzuki C50 Boulevard
  • 1999-2013 Yamaha Road Stars
Do Trident rubber pedal pads fit all makes and models?

A Kuryakyn Trident rubber pad mounts directly over a Long Horn offset peg mount, an adjustable Tour-Tech cruise mount, or over all highway foot pegs. Rather than replacing factory-installed foot pegs, the rubber pegs mount over your factory pegs for more support, better traction, and increased comfort.