Motorcycle & Scooter Windshields for BMW F650GS

Windshields for BMW F650GS

Windshields for BMW F650GS protect the rider and provide a strong, clear surface to stop small debris, bugs, and particles from hindering the ride. If your windshield becomes damaged, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Is a windshield necessary for a motorcycle?

Although a BMW will operate without a windshield, it makes the ride safer. A windshield not only blocks particles, but it also redirects the wind and air from around the front to the rear, which reduces the resistance on the rider, making it easier to ride at higher speeds and for longer periods of time without risk of fatigue or air drag.

How do you determine if a windshield needs replacing?

If the BMW windshield has been broken or cracked, you should consider replacing the windshield. A small crack can grow as a result of the stress of air resistance, driving on uneven surfaces, and the vibration from the engine. The windshield is there for the protection of the rider in addition to ease of riding. Subsequently, this creates a safer environment for all drivers, allowing you to brake quickly to react or maneuver in dangerous situations appropriately without inhibition from air drag.

How do you replace the windshield on a BMW bike?

To replace a BMW windshield, you first need to remove the existing windshield, or what is left of it, assuming it is broken. A series of screws on the front of the F650GS BMW bike, just below the glass and in front of the brake wires, can be removed and put aside to allow the windshield to disengage from the brackets. Then, place the new piece in the same brackets, replace the screws, and ensure that the parts are properly placed and held solidly.

Are these windshields suited for winter conditions?

These windshields are contoured in a way that make them ideal for a BMW motorcycle in cold air environments. The wind is redirected, preventing wind chill or frostbite from cold, possibly humid, air. The piece will perform just as well in hot conditions, and it is fairly water resistant, meaning the glass wont easily fog up from rear engine exhaust or while riding for long periods of time.

What materials are motorcycle windshields made of?

There are two primary materials that are used in the production of motorcycle windshields. These are polycarbonate and acrylic, also commonly known as plexiglass. Generally, polycarbonate tends to be more durable and resistant to cracking, but it is typically easier to scratch. Acrylic, on the other hand, is more resistant to scratches but may not be as resistant to cracking.