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Multipurpose Battery Chargers

Whether you want to charge a car battery or batteries for other electronic devices, you will use a charger. When you have a multipurpose battery charger in your kit, it is easy to maintain a collection of fully charged batteries. Battery charges come with many features that make them simple to use.

Can you charge a battery with a jump starter?

Yes. Also known as an emergency booster or portable battery jumper, it functions as a mere substitute battery for charging a vehicle’s battery when it is dead. Note that it is not a battery charger, hence does not recharge a vehicle's battery.

How often should you charge li-ion batteries?

They power lots of consumer electronics that are making their way into hybrid and electric vehicles. However, they function somewhat differently from Ni-cd batteries as they have a limited number of cycles before degrading. Over time, li-ion batteries take longer to power up as they lose charge fast.

You can prolong the life of batteries by avoiding discharging them to 0% all the time. Lithium-ion batteries live longer when discharged partially. Batteries discharged to 50%, for example, have lifecycles that range from 1200-1500.

Also, don't leave the batteries fully charged but within the 40%-80% range. If you load it 100%, avoid leaving it plugged in. You can also discharge the battery at least once a month. While a lithium battery shouldn't be discharged regularly, manufacturers recommend discharging it once a month to ensure it remains accurate.

Which types of batteries can be recycled?

Examples of batteries that can be recycled include Lithium-ion, Alkaline, Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd), Primary Lithium (Li), and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries.

How do you choose the right adapter specs?

To choose the right adapter, the rule is to match the Voltage and exceed the mAh. If you are choosing the AC type, its output V should match the rated input V of the device. The plug should also fit into the device and have the correct polarity. Also, be sure to check the adapter output. The output should be equal or greater than the devices' rated Amh.

What is the difference between the i2 and i4 intellicharger?

Both automatic chargers are compatible with all kinds of batteries (Li-ion, Ni-cd, and Ni-MH), hence eliminate the need for compatibility with different types of chargers. The only difference between the i2 and i4 is the number of charging slots they have. The i2 intellicharger has two while the i4 has four.

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