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Play it AgainWhether you're a music fan or a musician, your music collection is no doubt one of your most prized possessions. Thanks to its wide selection, eBay is a top destination for music lovers to find new and used CDs, records and cassettes at competitive prices.Musical Trash or Treasure?We all have those albums that we've loved and played over and over again. The Beatles' Abbey Road. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. The Eagles' Greatest Hits. Depending on your age, maybe you even owned these rock albums on vinyl, CD or cassette tape.If your taste in music leans more toward the classical side of things, those albums may include an opera or a concerto or two. Prefer pop albums? Surely, there's a Madonna, Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake in your music collection. Whether you're looking to upgrade your stash or you need to unload a stack of forgotten favourites, eBay can help.Something for Every Music LoverYou'd be hard-pressed to find a music album that eBay doesn't carry online. Browse the extensive collection of jazz albums, from big band and Bebop to avant garde. Deadheads, Parrot heads, and Talking Headswe've got them all. Prefer contemporary country or R&B? Shop for today's hottest artists right alongside classic favourites from days of yore.Make eBay Your Vintage Music StoreResearch has shown and we have all experienced--that music can stimulate a full range of human emotions, including sadness, nostalgia and joy. Whether you want to buy albums that symbolize a special moment in your life or place in your heart, or you're ready to create some new special moments, let eBay be your music store.