Nike Football Gloves

Football is an intense sport, and being successful on the field requires players to perform at the top of their game while also staying safe and uninjured, especially when it comes to your hands. The Nike brand manufactures a wide variety of sports equipment and clothing, including football gloves that vary in design to keep players' hands safe and ready to play.

What are receiver gloves?

Nike's receiver gloves are gloves specifically designed for skill position football players, such as wide receivers, defensive backs, running backs, and quarterbacks. Receiver gloves incorporate an adhesive-like palm area as well as sticky fingers to allow for better control when catching the football, and these Nike gloves also incorporate slight padding on the palm to cushion its impact. Receiver gloves are generally thin, soft, and breathable, allowing for maximum flexibility and movement. Added breathability ensures good airflow, keeping the hands cool and comfortable on the field.

What are lineman football gloves?

Lineman play one of the toughest positions in football, and these football gloves are made to protect their hands during the game. These gloves are often thicker and more rigid than receiver gloves, preventing finger and palm bruising or straining. These football gloves are often heftier to endure more abuse and often have extra padding on the palm and backhand of the glove to protect the hand if it gets stepped on. Be sure that your gloves are not too thick, however, as this can prevent you from having a good feel for the ball.

What makes football gloves sticky?

Both receiver gloves and lineman football gloves incorporate silicone or Magnigrip along the full length of the glove. Nike's receiver gloves often incorporate stickier material because skill players are responsible for catching and having a good grip on the ball a majority of the time. These silicone materials are very effective because they increase grip even when they are wet, allowing you to perform well regardless of the weather.

What lines of football gloves does Nike offer?

Nike offers a variety of different gloves, including their Vapor, Superbad, and D-Tack product lines. Nike Vapor gloves come in two varieties: knit and jet. Nike's Vapor Knit gloves utilize more polyester in the design, allowing for a lightweight option that provides plenty of ventilation. The Vapor Jet football gloves incorporate a mesh backing for increased airflow and flexibility for a more natural feel. Nike's Superbad and D-Tack gloves both incorporate larger wrist straps and extra padding to provide additional comfort and protection for football players.

What sizes do Nike's football gloves come in?

All of Nike's gloves are available in adult sizes, and these range from an adult small up to a 4XL, so adults can find a glove that fits them no matter how large or small their hands are. The Nike Superbad model is also available in youth sizes.

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