What is Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube?

Released in 2001, the Nintendo GameCube was the company's follow-up console to the N64 gaming device. This system changed its gaming format, as games for this console were miniature discs that looked like smaller versions of DVDs. For years, one of the brand's most beloved characters was Mario, the star of multiple Super Mario titles, so it's only natural that a new title featuring the plumber would be part of the series of games for this device.€

What Are Some Facts About Super Mario Sunshine?

One prominent genre of video games is called platformer games, in which gameplay scrolls from left to right as characters move through obstacles.

  • Mario Sunshine is a platformer game and the second title in the series of 3D platformers, following Super Mario 64, which gamers got their hands on in 1996.€
  • This specific title was well-received and ended up becoming the third highest-selling title in the GameCube series of games overall, selling over six million copies, right under Melee, Mario Kart: Double Dash!, and Super Smash Bros.€
  • Super Mario Sunshine came out in 2002 and was a single-player game rated E, meaning that it's recommended for all ages.€

What's the Plot of the Game?

This Mario title isn't like other Mario games. In fact, the crew is actually taking some time off in a beautiful tropical spot called Isle Delfino when things go awry.€

  • The villain of the game, Shadow Mario, shows up to frame the real Mario for a crime he didn't commit: ruining the beauty of the location with graffiti and mess. To further complicate things, Bowser Jr. dresses as Mario and drenches the island in slime.€
  • Mario not only has to prove his innocence but clean up the island as well using a backpack filled with water called FLUDD.€
  • Per most Mario games, Princess Peach is kidnapped and also must be rescued due to the fact that Bowser has told a lie to his son, Bowser Jr., that his real mother is the princess herself.

Which Features of This Game Affected Future Titles?

As in many Super Mario games, certain elements that gamers enjoy or that simply enhance gameplay may carry over to later titles, and there are a few from Super Mario Sunshine that showed up again in future releases.

  • In Super Mario Sunshine, gamers got their first look at Bowser's son, Bowser Jr., and he's been an essential character since, showing up in many video games alongside Mario and company.
  • Many Mario fans love it when they can make Mario or Luigi ride Yoshi, and this was the first time that€feature€appeared. This ability has been utilized many times since.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl took many components from Sunshine, including music and artwork, which eagle-eyed gamers may notice.€

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