Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition Consoles€

What is the SNES Classic Edition?

The SNES Classic Edition is a miniaturized version of the original Super Nintendo console. It features built-in games and compatibility with modern televisions.€

When Was the SNES Released?

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized console gaming in 1991 with its 16-bit graphics, vibrant colours and sound, ergonomic controller, and selection of legendary games. Whether youre looking to tap into childhood nostalgia or experience one of gamings foundational consoles for the first time, the SNES Classic Edition is your ticket to a selection of unforgettable game worlds. Learning more about this new release of a classic, such as information about size and compatibility, ensures you can get the most from your purchase.€

Which Games Are on the SNES Classic?

Naturally, the first question that comes to many peoples minds is about the selection of games. Fans wont be disappointed, as Nintendo has loaded the SNES Classic with a host of the best video games from the original console. This includes titles like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy III, Super Metroid, and Contra III: The Alien Wars. It even includes the quirky cult classic Earthbound, which has remained a rare and valuable collectors item since its release in 1995. Another notable entry is a never-before-released game, Star Fox 2. The game neared completion in 1995 and was the first sequel to the original Star Fox game. However, the game received a cancellation just before its release date, which makes its inclusion on the SNES Classic its first formal release in any market. In total, there are 21 games on the SNES Classic Edition, ensuring hours of vintage gaming joy.€

How Does it Work?

Unlike the original, the SNES Classic does not rely on cartridges. Nintendo has built all of these classic games directly into the console, and players choose their desired game from a menu on the startup screen. The console itself is a miniaturized version of the original, and it comes with two reproductions of the original game pads. The front of the console opens up to reveal the game pad ports, which are not compatible with the original controllers. The SNES Classic connects to HDTVs through an HDMI cable. Those looking to enjoy the system on a classic tube television will need to seek out the appropriate adapters separately.€

Are There Regional Formats?

As with the original release of the SNES, the Classic version differs by region. US, Europe, and Japan all have region-specific consoles that mimic the look of the originals. For example, the Europe and Japanese versions feature the iconic quad-colour game pad buttons, while the US version retains the two shades of purple found on the original. €