About Wii U

Whether you are the electronics monger in your household, or your 6-year-old is, the Wii U system takes "gamepads" to a new level. The integrative functions on this machine pack a punch. It is more than a controller for your Wii; it is a Wii on the go. The Wii U controller allows you to take your favourite Wii functions with you. The built-in software includes your Miiverse, which connects you directly to those Miis in your life who you want to know are online. Better than Facebook, the Miiverse allows you to let others know what you think about Wii games and activities, converse with like-minded gamers, and follow the activities of your favourite Miis. Additionally, your handheld system comes standard with an Internet browser that displays on your TV, Nintendo's eShop so you can download your favourite Wii games, and TVii, a personalized interactive TV, movie, and sports experience. Follow up with your friends and loved ones on Wii U Chat without moving from your comfy spot on the couch. And of course, in traditional Wii style, you can customize your Mii however you like to reflect your taste. You expect more out of your gaming console than ever before. It's not enough to simply be able to plug the console into the TV, pop in a cartridge or disk, and grab a controller. Today's systems are increasingly interactive and meet multiple needs for consumers. Wii U has stepped up to serve as a multipurpose controller and interactive experience that is complex enough to meet entertainment and communication needs, yet simple enough for your child or parent to manage. So join the Wii generation and get educated about simplicity with the Wii U.