• Nutmeg seedlings "Myristica fragrans" 02 seedlings spice plant ,real variety

    Healthy Seedlings send with coconut coir. Type: Seedlings. Quantity : 02 seedlings. "you will receive seedlings as shown in original photos.". This spice is a good source of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc and magnesium.
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    From Sri Lanka
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    Climate: Dry
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    Sunlight: Partial ShadeFoliage: Evergreen
  • 25 Pistachio Seeds - Mediterranean Sweet Pistachio Variety *Guaranteed Seeds*

    Peanut is generally a tree that grows slowly and is therefore slow to produce (4-5 years). The peanut as a dry-breeding plant is resistant to drought and does not tolerate high relative humidity of soil and air.
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    From Greece
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    Style: Mediterranean
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    Foliage: EvergreenWatering: Medium
  • Trachycarpus fortunei Chusan Palm 10 seeds

    Seeds of this beautiful Trachycarpus fortunei Windmill Palm, Chusan palm, Chinese windmill palm. This so one of the most cold hardy palms available. It is very compact and grows 20-40 feet on slender single stems.
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    From United States
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    Genus: Trachycarpus
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    Climate: TemperateSunlight: Partial Shade

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  • Pine Tree Seeds (Pinus Pinea) Italian Stone Pine 20 seeds

    20 Bio/Organic Pinus Pinea Seeds from my tree.
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    From United Kingdom
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    Genus: Pinus
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    Climate: Dry
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    Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Stone Pine! RARE, Great for Bonsai! seeds! Exotic umbrella pine, Edible nuts!

    This is for 3x large fresh seeds ! Facts <br> <br>This is the tree is where pine nuts come from! These seeds are extracted by picking the cones and then heating them up. It is thought that pine nuts have been eaten by humans since prehistoric times.The stone pine has the longest maturing cones out of all of the Pinus trees.If you tap a cone, a huge cloud of pollen is released (watch the video on this page). <br> <br>Where it grows <br> <br>The stone pine is native to the Mediterranean climates of southern Europe. <br> <br>Wildlife facts <br> <br>The seeds are dispersed by magpies. <br> <br> <br>Read more at http://www.edenproject.com/learn/for-everyone/plant-profiles/stone-pine#C9pmpcw0K8uAZMZF.99
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    From United KingdomGenus: PinusClimate: DrySunlight: Full Sun