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Frequently Asked Questions About Laptops With an Nvidia GeForce GTX GPU

The GeForce is a brand of GPUs, or graphics processing units, developed by Nvidia. The GTX is the high-end version of the GeForce GPU. These graphics cards can help you achieve better graphical performance on your current laptop computer.

How do you choose the right GeForce graphics card?

The Nvidia GeForce brand is divided into several different series. This series is a useful proxy for understanding the performance of the GPU. They tend to go in sequential order. For instance, there has been the 600M series, the 700M series, the 800M series, the 900M series, and the 10 series. The M in the name denotes the mobile version of the processor. Here are a few specs you should pay close attention to:

  • Cores: A typical GPU may have dozens or hundreds of cores, each devoted to different graphical tasks. If the GPU supports CUDA technology, then it can use the power of these cores for general tasks other than graphics.
  • Clock speed: A general measurement for the speed of the GPU and the memory.
  • Memory: The GeForce GTX has a pool of memory similar to but distinct from the main system RAM. It is dedicated solely to storing graphical information. The memory has a certain level of bandwidth, which is the maximum amount of data it can transfer to and from the motherboard at a single time. You may see the terms GDDR3 or GDDR5 used. GDDR stands for graphical double data rate. It is a means of increasing the level of bandwidth in the memory. The number denotes the generation of GDDR technology. Each new generation is better than the one before it.
What should you look for in a used laptop?

Before purchasing a laptop, you should check the condition it is in. This includes the strength of the body, the condition of the screen, the state of the keyboard, and so on. Gaming and business laptops, in particular, will likely be made with stronger materials to prevent premature wear. Apart from the condition, you should also pay close attention to the CPU power, the amount of RAM, the amount of storage space, and extra features such as card readers and disc drive.

What is the difference between integrated and dedicated GPUs?

An integrated GPU refers to any GPU that shares the memory with the rest of the computer. A dedicated card has its own independent memory. All GeForce GTX cards are dedicated GPUs. However, some laptops may have both an integrated and dedicated GPU at the same time, which you can switch between. If the laptop has the Nvidia Optimus technology, then it can switch between the two GPUs automatically. It uses the integrated GPU to conserve power and the dedicated GPU when it needs the extra performance.

What is SLI?

SLI is a Nvidia technology that allows you to combine multiple dedicated GPUs of the same model together to amplify their power. This is only possible if you have an open slot in your motherboard. Only certain GPUs support SLI.

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