Office Binders and Supplies

Binders are extremely useful for organizing a large number of papers and documents in the office and in school. They come in many sizes and colors and allow you to add labels on the spine so that you can identify which binder is appropriate for your needs without pulling it off of the shelf. Investing in durable binders can help everyone to stay organized and efficiently reference papers.

How do you keep ring binders organized?

If you prefer to use 3-ring binders to hold your things, you may also want to invest in dividers. Dividers can be paper or plastic and they usually have white or different colored tabs that you can label. They fit perfectly into 3-ring binders and some even have pockets that allow you to hold loose sheets of paper in them until you have time to hole-punch and insert them into the necessary section. If your information needs to be shared with other people in the office, you should consider inserting a table of contents at the beginning so that others can easily find reports. You should also take advantage of labeling the spines of your 3-ring binders so that you can find your information quickly.

What are the different sized binders used for?

The size of a 3-ring binder is determined by the diameter of its rings. A half-inch binder is the smallest size available, and they reach capacity very quickly. White binders with an inch or two of space are more commonly used. Many schools require students to have 3-ring binders that are only an inch for class notes while businesses often use three-inch binders or larger in their offices. Larger binders can hold more sheets, so if you intend to accumulate lots of sheets over time, you should invest in durable ones with an extra inch or two in size so that theyll take longer to reach capacity.

What are the different types of binders?

  • D-Ring Binders: The rings are shaped like Ds so that the sheets line up straight.
  • Round Ring Binders: These are the standard shape.
  • 3-Ring Binders: These include both types of rings.
  • Multicolored: Most come in the standard white color but theyre available in all colors.

With lots of companies going paperless, youd think that the need for binders and paper documents are a thing of the past. Modern technology has changed a lot but hard copies of information are still very important. Data can be easily lost from a computer if its not stored in the cloud, so binders allow you to keep hard copies of everything in the office just in case.