Onitsuka Tiger Shoes for Women

Onitsuka Tiger women's shoes are available in many shades, styles, and colours to suit a variety of tastes and aesthetic preferences. Built for function and comfort, these shoe designs suit everyday wear. Support, comfort, and mobility are among the priorities of this particular footwear company.

What colours, sizes, and materials are available?
  • colours: Onitsuka Tiger shoes for women are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, including silver metallic, bright yellow, navy, ivory, peach, and mint. Different models come in multiple hues and prints.
  • Sizes: Most Onitsuka sneakers are available in U.S. women's sizes 8 through 13. Some designs come in unisex sizes or are available in larger or smaller fits.
  • Materials: Leather, rubber, polyester, and synthetic blends are a few of the materials utilized to construct Onitsuka Tiger women's sneakers.
What styles are available in Onitsuka Tiger sneakers?

Onitsuka Tiger shoes for women are available in a variety of designs, including different kinds of lace-up sneakers, slip-ons, and more. Here are a few of the Onitsuka Tiger sneaker models available:

  • The Lawnship sneaker comes in mint, peach, and white suede. The shoe features a dressed-up canvas-style feel with a contrasting coral heel panel and holes in the mid upper for breathability. A flat white rubber sole curves up slightly at the toe to accommodate heel to toe strides.
  • The Mexico 66 is a lightweight sneaker made with a reinforced toe, suede accents, contrasting colour designs, and a lightweight sole. Built for maximum mobility and movement, the Mexico 66 is ideal for sports that require running or everyday wear. Variations of yellow, black, and white options make this sneaker versatile and practical.
  • The Tiger Slip-On Deluxe is available in grey and navy suede with elastic accents on either side of the sneaker's tongue for a snug fit and added support. The sole utilizes different patterns and grooves to provide traction while the design narrows slightly at the arch for more reinforcement.
How do you clean Onitsuka Tiger shoes?

Cleaning and care instructions depend on the particular materials used in the shoe construction. Suede can be dry brushed to remove dirt and debris, and plastic can be wiped down with a damp cloth to clean. See specific cleaning instructions on your pair of shoes for particulars about care.

What is the history behind the Onitsuka Tiger company?

Onitsuka Tiger was born in Japan in 1949. Since then, it evolved to partner closely with the Asics company, which creates athletic footwear and running shoes. Different designs in the Tiger line allow for casual style, comfort, and versatility for everyday wear.

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