Other ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Electrical & Ignition Components

ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Electrical Components

ATV electrical components provide you with the equipment necessary to keep your ATV in good shape. These electronic components include everything from batteries to ignition switches and are made from brands like Arctic Cat, Honda, and Polaris. The following information can help you to keep your ATV electronics and other components in order.

What is an ATV ignition switch?

One electrical component that you might need from time to time for your ATV is an ignition switch, which is a switch that activates the motor as well as the electrical systems whenever you turn your key towards the on position. Every ignition switch includes a lock mechanism that is unlocked when you place the key into the ignition switch. These switches are programmed to a specific key as a means of keeping the vehicle safe and secure.

What should you consider when selecting an ATV battery?

When you are selecting a battery to power your ATV electronics, there are numerous things that you should consider in order to be certain that you have chosen the right battery. Batteries come in many different shapes and sizes and are outfitted with different power ratings. The battery you think about selecting largely depends on how you drive your vehicle.

For instance, if you ride on an everyday basis, you might want to focus on power with your electrical components, while occasional usage of the ATV allows you to focus on other aspects of the product. These items are also equipped with different power ratings, which are essential when selecting the right battery. For instance, smaller ATV vehicles might only require six volts of power, while larger vehicles might require 12 or higher. There are also three different battery types for you to consider.

  • Sealed: This type of battery does not need to be ventilated on a regular basis and requires little maintenance.
  • Unsealed: These are vented as a means of getting rid of excess pressure. As such, they are typically connected to hoses that filter this pressure outside of the vehicle.
  • Rechargeable: This type of battery is designed in a way that allows you to recharge it whenever the original charge gets too low, which ensures that the battery is a long-lasting one.

Can an ignition switch work with any ATV?

If you require an ignition switch device for your vehicle, it is important to understand that these switches are designed to be used with specific vehicle makes and models, which means that you will need to select a device that corresponds with the brand that makes the ATV as well as the year in which it was created. In some cases, these items can work with multiple years of a make and model, allowing you to search more broadly for the item you need. Once the ignition switch is chosen, it must then be programmed to work with the specific key you have for the vehicle in question.