Other ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Engine Parts

ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Engine Components

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are machines with four wheels that are used for off-road driving and racing. These vehicles are distinguished from other types of off-road machines by the three major components of the engine, namely a tube-frame chassis, a mid-engine, and rear or four-wheel drive. To customize or extend the lifetime of an ATV engine, you can replace or customize the parts in each of these components.

How long do ATV engines last?

The lifetime of an ATV engine will depend largely upon how it is used, followed by the quality of the manufacturer for the parts of the ATV, and then upon the care that is taken to maintain it. An engine that is used at low speeds for very rough terrain will wear out more quickly than ATVs that are used at higher speeds on smooth terrain. In general, you should expect to get as many as 15,000 miles out of a low-speed ATV and 30,000 miles out of a high-speed one. In either case, an engine that is manufactured by a high-quality brand and that receives regular maintenance, including regular oil changes, can last for much longer.

What companies manufacture ATV engine components?

You can find ATVs that are manufactured by many major car brands as well as by companies who specialize in building machinery for marine and agriculture purposes. The most common car companies that manufacture ATVs in addition to cars are Suzuki and Honda. Meanwhile, Yamaha and MAN Engines are the most common multi-specialty companies that make ATVs. For brands that specialize only in off-road machinery like ATVs, focus your attention on companies like Kawasaki, Polaris, and Namura Technologies.

In general, your choice of brand will depend upon how you intend to use your ATV. For relatively easy, high-speed use in the desert, just about any kind of engine will be able to handle this smooth terrain. For more difficult trails in rugged, mountainous regions, a brand that specializes in power, like MAN Engines, can be more adept to your needs.

When should you rebuild or replace the cylinder in your engine?

Because of their necessity to make the ATV move, certain parts of the ATV, like the cylinder of the engine body, are built to have long lifetimes. Unfortunately, these parts can still be damaged by the elements even if you take care to maintain your engine properly with fresh coolant, frequent inspections, and timely oil changes. When your cylinder begins to break down due to old age or rust, you can choose to replace the parts to rebuild it, or you can choose to replace the cylinder entirely.

Replacing the parts in your cylinder can usually be done with a kit made by the company that manufactured your engine. This method is appealing if you particularly like the way your ATV runs. However, buying a new cylinder for your ATV can make it more powerful or faster.