ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Lighting

Regardless of the reason for why youre riding, you need some reliable illumination to make your way through the dips and bumps in your path. With bright ATV lights, you can enjoy the thrill of nighttime rides while avoiding accidents.

What comprises an ATV LED lighting kit?

A kit comes in multi-color and single color choices to add illumination to the underbody of your Quad or ATV. As such, riders can choose between single color SMD pod lights, the advanced million, and the plastic million color kits. The advanced million color kit features 15 color modes, pod lights or flexible strips, one fading mode, and three flashing light modes. The flexible million color kit has three scan modes, six six-inch water-resistant plastic tubes with four flashing settings, one fading color setting, and one cycle mode, along with 15 solid color modes.

Note that you can manage each multi-color lighting package via a wireless remote. Single lights for ATVs feature eight-piece waterproof pods that have five LEDs per pod and are controlled by using an on/off button. These light kits come with the necessary installation instructions and accessories. The light can be powered by any 12V power source.

Where should you place your LED light bar?

You have different options when it comes to the right place to fit an LED light bar:

  • On top of the windshield: This is a favorite place for trucks, jeeps, and other off-road ATV vehicles. The location also gives off a better look while providing improved lighting. ATV lights designed for such areas come in different sizes to fit any vehicle. The 50-inch bars, for example, enhance visibility and give off a bigger difference in angles. The only downside to mounting the lights above the windshield is that it can be challenging to fit them. Additionally, you may need to buy other kinds of parts or equipment if the vehicle isnt designed for such lights.
  • On the front bumper: This is the most natural location to mount an LED light bar as you can quickly install a wire from this site. The front bumper of the ATV also provides more spaces for bigger lights and different options. However, the light may not provide additional coverage to the road ahead as it is located at the same level with the headlights.
  • On the lower windshield: This location works well with smaller pods, which provide different angles of light and enhanced visibility for the ATV.

What are the different ATV LED light bars?

LED light bars come in different patterns. The floodlight pattern has an angle of 120 degrees and produces a wide wash that illuminates the near area. This kind of bright ATV light is used for off-road driving and to provide lighting for work areas. A spotlight, on the other hand, produces a narrow beam of light and illuminates longer distances. This headlight part is used for off-road trips in hazardous terrains as it allows a faster reaction speed to danger. If you need to use both types of beam patterns, you can use a combination of ATV lights. This provides versatility, especially if you are planning to use the lights off the road.