Other Hobby RC Model Vehicles & Kits

RC Model Vehicle Kits

Realistic details and functional mobility make kits for remotely controlled planes, boats, and cars a frequently chosen option for personal hobbies and gifts for friends and family members. Using battery-powered radio controls, models move or make sounds according to the switch and controls used by the operator. Kits can range in size from miniature to nearly life-sized recreations of a variety of recognizable vehicles.

What types of vehicles come in remote-controlled model kits?
  • On the land: Rugged terrain vehicles made for remote control kits are often sturdy enough to tackle the backyard boulder like a mountain. Racing model cars can be done over a rocky, smooth, or sandy landscape with the appropriate choice in vehicle and tires. Different models work better for different terrains.
  • From the sea: RC boats that work in the water like sailboats, yachts, and racing boats use carefully encased internal mechanisms to achieve their waterproof functionality. Hobbyists often prefer aquacraft parts made with fiberglass and water-resistant resins as well as finishes proven for their longevity to make the most out of their model’s usage. Outside of locally or personally organized races, there are regional or annual events held for RC enthusiasts to race their assembled boat kits.
  • In the sky: These types are often fashioned after military or historically significant airplanes. Plane models made to fly require a highly technical set of measurements to achieve airborne success. Unassembled airplane model kits require precision when piecing them together as a slight miscalculation or small missing piece can disrupt the vehicle’s ability to function in the air.
What kind of RC models can be used in the water?

RC boats aren’t the only models capable of operating in the water, but enthusiasts have to check with the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure if their particular RC vehicle can be used in or near the water. While it’s possible to modify some vehicles for water-based sports, it does require specific knowledge of which glues or resins to use and how to apply them correctly and carefully. The difference in the effects of salt water and fresh water on different paints and finishes can be an important factor for waterproof vessels as well. Boats and other models made for fresh water might deteriorate more quickly if used in the ocean. No matter what their function, any model used in or around water should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before storage to keep them intact.