Other Motorcycle Accessories

Whether you are a new owner of a motorcycle or have been riding for years, you may not know that there are a plethora of items that make your motorcycle ride the best that it can be. From a Bluetooth headset and the right stand to a high-performance backpack and protective footwear, there are several accessories that you may need and want. You've invested in your bike, and now you should invest in accessories to make it even better.

What types of accessories are available for motorcycles?

There are many different types of accessories for motorcycles, from a simple pair of gloves to a complicated Bluetooth system. However, they can be broken down into a few main categories to help you better understand your purchasing options:

  • Safety: Your safety and protection, as well as the safety and protection of any riders you have, should always be your first priority when riding your motorcycle. At the minimum, you and your passengers will need a quality helmet that fits right. You should also have protective footwear and maybe even protective clothing such as leather chaps. A GPS to keep you from losing your way can also be included in this category.
  • Entertainment: Radio gear, Bluetooth technology, and mounts for cell phones or GPS can all be included in this category.
  • Luggage: This category includes backpacks, gear bags, top cases, side cases, luggage racks and mounts, dry bags, saddlebags, and tail bags.
  • Stands: Rear and front paddock stands, roll-on wheel chock, jack stands, spooled rear stand, hybrid head lift stand, hybrid forklift stand, scissor lift stand, and bike lifts are all in this category.
  • Cleaning supplies: Several cleaning products are available for your motorcycle such as brushes, cleaner spray, corrosion protectant, cleaner protectant, polish strips, helmet cleaner, wheel cleaner, aluminum polish, motorcycle dryers, and engine brightener.
What should you consider when purchasing motorcycle accessories?

Not everyone will use their motorcycle for the same purpose. There are motorcycle accessories that nearly everyone will need, and then there are some that only certain bike riders will need. Here are some factors you should consider when purchasing accessories:

  • Must-haves: In the safety gear category, everyone should at least purchase a helmet and strongly consider other items to help with personal safety. Additionally, everyone should purchase some cleaning products in order to keep their motorcycle looking shiny and new.
  • travelling: If you will be using your motorcycle to travel long distances or overnight somewhere, you will want to consider purchasing luggage of some sort to carry and protect your belongings.
  • Entertainment: If listening to music is important to you while on your motorcycle, you may want to purchase a Bluetooth headset system or other technologies that allow you to listen while riding.