Can-Am Spyder RT Motorcycle Accessories

Customize your Can-Am Spyder RT motorcycle with a range of bike accessories. Whether your Can-Am RT is for sports activities or just for on-road exploration, you can personalize your ride anytime. From full trim kits for the Can-Am, chrome aesthetic details, to tech gadgets, there is an add-on that fits your lifestyle.

What is a Can-Am Spyder RT?

A Can-Am Spyder RT is a motorcycle that runs on a two-wheel front and one-wheel back configuration. Adopting a trike design for the Can-Am model enhances the stability of the unit while on the road. Other features of the Can-Am Spyder include an expanded cargo capacity and comfortable passenger mount with both a backrest and footrests. The handgrips can also be warmed during cold rides. It also has an audio system to keep you company on the road. The basic model unit comes in black and pearl-white.

How do you choose an accessory for the Spyder RT?

Many Spyder RT motorcycle enthusiasts go for a personalized ride to make their unit stand out on the road. Whether you are into power sports or just a leisure rider, choosing a Can-Am Spyder RT accessory depends on several factors.

  • Style - Add-on parts for the Can Am Spyder RT include full body kits. Custom graphics decals can be added to the black or pearl-white Can-Am Spyder to showcase the owner’s personal style.
  • Functionality - Aside from the aesthetic enhancements and parts, there are accessories that can add to the functionality of the Spyder. These include products that provide solutions for cargo expansion, passenger comfort and safety, and bike security.
What are the available Spyder accessories?

With the variety of options for the Can-Am Spyder RT, these add-ons can be grouped into the following product categories.

  • Practical Items - Part of this category addresses passenger lumbar support and bike function. The list includes chrome backrests, trunk racks, cargo organizers, beverage holders, and mounted footpegs for maximum comfort.
  • Decorative Items -The list of decorative accessories includes LED lights that can enhance the motorcycle profile. You can find different wrap decal designs and colors for the unit, as well as chrome spoiler trim or tire enhancements.
  • Tech Gadgets - There are a lot of gadgets that can be fitted into a Spyder bike model. The list includes subwoofer audio systems with Bluetooth capability and navigation devices for long explorations on the road. You can also integrate an anti-theft device into the Can-Am Spyder RT as a safety investment.