Other Motorcycle Accessories for Ducati Monster

Once you have purchased your Ducati Monster, the next step is to make it yours. This can be done by purchasing accessories that will be practical for you and will also help personalize your motorbike. Other motorcycle accessories for Ducati Monster were created with both practicality and style in mind.

What types of accessories are available for the Ducati Monster?

There are many accessories available to enhance your Ducati Monster. Whether you need something for function, comfort, racing, storage, or style, this brand has options for you to consider.

  • Homologated silencer: If you need a silencer for your Ducati, consider the homologated silencer for the Monster 797. It is a steel exhaust coupled with a catalytic converter. Manufactured by Termignoni, this silencer has a sporty style. You will also want to purchase a cover for your silencer, which comes in both silver and black.
  • Universal Ducati Performance canvas: Protect your Ducati Monster from dirt, wind, sun, and moisture with this durable cover. This canvas fits models HR, HYM, M, MR, SB, 1098, SBK 1198, SBK 848, and SBK Panigale. It is available in red, black, and silver and fits securely to ensure protection for your motorbike.
  • Lowered seat: For a more comfortable and personalized ride on your motorcycle, try the lowered seat. It is lowered by 20mm in order to provide you with desirable foot placement on the ground and more comfort.
  • CNC racing grips: Crafted with aluminum and other materials, these grips give you both security and a sporty style. You can choose from several different colors, including red, silver, and black as these grips have an anodized surface. Rubber inserts give you desirable grip and, therefore, an enhanced ride. They also come with three different rings to make them more versatile.
  • Moto-D Pro Series forklift front stand: This durable stand is made by hand with a steel tube design. It features front rolling adaptors that will give you security and stability when lifting your bike. For your convenience, this stand comes already assembled and is a single piece. It also features an adjustable width to accommodate your motorcycle.
  • Adhesive tank protector: Protect your bike’s tank from scratches with this adhesive tank protector. Your tank can be at risk for receiving scratches from your zippers, riding suit, belt, or other abrasive objects that it may come in contact with.
  • Ducati oil change kit: This kit makes changing your oil easy. It includes one Ducati OEM oil filter, four liters of Shell Advance synthetic oil that is manufacturer recommended, two O-rings for the filter seal on Panigale models, and one OEM crush washer for the drain plug.
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