Other Motorcycle & Scooter Parts & Accessories

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Other Motorcycle Parts

For avid motorcyclists, you have many choices of motorcycle parts and accessories to outfit your motorbikes. You can choose functional components such as wheels, tires, and gauges. Youll also find many motorcycle parts that are primarily to add flair and style to your ride.

What should you know when replacing a motorcycle tire?

If you have a sports bike, the tire of choice would be tubeless for durability, but if you are doing a tour ride, you will need a tube to be more comfortable. The construction of the engine and chassis determines the size tire you need, which is displayed by three different numbers such as 120/70-11 or 200/55-17.

What are the various parts of a motorcycle brake?

  • Discs: They are the large circles made of metal you see attached to the wheels. You do not have to replace them often, but you should occasionally check them for cracks or grooves worn on the surface.
  • Pads: Their job is to slow down the disc as fast as possible when they come in contact with the metal surface. The pads wear out, so you may need to replace them regularly.
  • Callipers: They are on top of the discs. When you hit the brakes, they press down the pads against the discs with much force while slowing down the rotation of the wheel. Callipers wear out fast and get clogged up, so service and replace them often.

What are some fun accessories for a motorcycle?

  • Bluetooth intercom: Useful when riding with friends.
  • Multi-tool kit: Pocket sized tools with the essential pieces needed for repairs.
  • Helmet Sound System: Excellent sound quality to attach to the back of your helmet.
  • Mountable sports camera: Lets you share your ride with others.
  • Attachable media button: You get to play songs, adjust music, and change volume at the click of a button.

 How often should you service your motorcycle engine?

  • Change the engine oil every 3,700 miles if you use your motorcycle on a regular basis.
  • Change the filter every two oil changes.
  • Change the synthetic oil every 3,000 miles. You can also push it to the 5,000-mile limit before changing it.

A dirt bike stand will make working on your motorbike more comfortable, especially when you have to do tire changes and work on the drive train. It is similar to having a jack for your car as it serves the same purpose.