Find the Right Protection for Your Samsung Galaxy Note with OtterBox Cases

A smartphone is a big investment. With phones having many sensitive components, you will probably want to cover it right from the start to protect it from scratches as well as any drops or falls. OtterBox offers many case and skin options for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

What is an OtterBox?

OtterBox has been creating cases and skins for smartphones since 1998. The company first focused on water-resistant products for the outdoor enthusiast. They have since expanded their line to include protective cases and skins for all types of customers. Today, OtterBox is known for its shock- and drop-resistant cases for many types of mobile phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Note.

What products are available for the Samsung Galaxy Note?

OtterBox designs a variety of cases and skins for many smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 4. The company has produced over 11 different lines of cases and continues to redesign their cases as new phones and models are introduced into the marketplace.

The current line of products for the Galaxy Note 4 include:

  • Defender
  • Commuter
  • Symmetry
What is the difference between a skin and case?

Deciding on the type of cover for your Samsung Galaxy Note will depend on the features you want. There are a few differences between a case and a skin to consider.

  • Case: A case will give your Galaxy Note 4 more protection against bumps and drops. A product like the Defender case has a polycarbonate bumper that fits against the phone. You then install the hard shell cover over that barrier. The downside is that a case will add some bulk to your device.
  • Skin: These types of covers function more like stickers that can be adhered to your Samsung Galaxy Note. They allow you to add some protection without the bulk of a case. A skin will mainly serve to protect your device from scratches rather than drops. Choose from a variety of skins to suit your personality.
How do you clean these products?

You should follow all instructions on how to properly care for the case or skin. Cases can be removed from the phone and can then be cleaned with a mild soap and water. It is recommended to either dry with a paper towel or let air dry. Skins can be wiped off with a cloth and should not be removed from the phone. Once that happens, the skin will not adhere to the Samsung Galaxy Note again.

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