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PC Laptops and Notebooks

Whether you need to stay connected to your business or maintain your high score in your favorite online game, the right laptop computer can provide both enjoyment and necessary productivity while on the go. Many models of laptops come with differing capabilities. No matter your budget or your needs, there is a model for you.

Is there a difference between a laptop and a notebook?

The terms \"laptop\" and \"notebook\" are used interchangeably. Since around 2014, there has been no difference between the two. Prior to that, laptops tended to be larger, sturdier and heavier, with notebooks being lighter. There are special categories of portable computers as well. Netbooks and Chromebooks, for example, are smaller and lighter. They may have a more battery life at the cost of less processing power. There are also hybrid options that combine features from different classes of devices.

What are some basic features of PC laptops and notebooks?

The most common size of laptop, which has a 15-inch screen, weighs around 5 pounds. Larger models made of durable materials can weigh more. The lightest models can come in at just under 2 pounds.

Because these devices are designed to be portable, their screen sizes are usually modest. The typical screen size categories include 13-inch models, 15-inch models, and 17-inch models. Netbooks and ultrabooks can have screens as small as 10 or 11 inches.

Some laptops are referred to as 2-in-1. These have features that basic laptops do not have such as touchscreens. They can be used as a regular laptop with a mouse and keyboard or folded for use as a tablet. They provide a multifunctional and versatile experience for users who need flexibility.

Most laptops use a lithium-ion battery to power the machine. About 10 hours of usable battery life is average. Some models come with an extended battery that allows for longer use. Certain factors can determine how much use a user can get on a single charge. For example, working in airplane mode can extend usage time because the machine is not always connecting to a Wi-Fi or data signal.

What amounts of RAM and storage space are common?

RAM, or random-access memory, allows your computer to perform multiple functions at once. Internal storage is where your files are kept. Anywhere between 4 GB and 8 GB of RAM is standard in laptops. Chromebooks typically have less RAM - between 2 GB and 4 GB. Traditional mechanical storage drives offer more storage space - up to 2 TB. Solid-state drives offer less space. Some machines come with both a mechanical drive and a solid-state drive.

Can laptops be used effectively for gaming?

Many laptops come with basic Intel processors and integrated graphics. This is especially true for budget models. However, there are some models that have stronger processors and a dedicated on-board graphics card. These features not only allow for a quality gaming experience, but they are also useful for performing graphic-heavy work, such as video editing or graphic design.

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