A PDA is also known as a personal digital assistant. The mobile device will help you to keep your life organized. When you want to buy a Palm or other device, it's important to know about the options available to you.

What is a PDA?

A PDA is a handheld computer that is capable of fitting into the palm of your hand. It is a personal digital assistant with software that will help you to maintain your schedule. Most models, including Palm Pilots, will allow you to connect to the internet, providing you with the ability to check email and navigate in a web browser. The data that you keep on a PDA can also synchronize with other devices, such as a smartphone or laptop computer. It will ensure you have the most up-to-date version of everything.

  • Touchscreen: You will have touchscreen technology.
  • Wi-Fi: Most models have Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Memory card: There will be internal or external memory for you to store files.
What kind of screen is on a PDA?

The first PDA was released in 1984. Since then, there has been a lot of newly developed technology regarding the personal digital assistant and the screen. You will want to look at the different LCD screens to see what works for you.

There are black & white and colour LCD screens available in different sizes, depending on the brand and model.

What are some of the different features?

The portable handheld will offer a variety of useful features. In addition to the operating system, you have to look at what other features are important to you. Choosing the right Palm or other handheld will make it easier for you to run your life productively.

  • Internet browser: Allows you to go online.
  • Memory expansion: Add memory to your handheld as needed for bigger jobs.
  • Calendar: Have access to an electronic calendar.
  • Email access: View your email from a Palm.
  • Bluetooth: This feature will help with synchronization.
How do you shop for a PDA?

Once you decide you need a PDA, it's important to look at the features of the mini computer. You can look for a keyboard and other features to help you with the computing process.

  • Brand: Palm and other brands are on the market.
  • Operating system: Review the operating system that is in place to see if it suits your needs.
  • Keyboard: Look to see if there is an external keyboard or one that shows up on a screen.
  • Features: Review all the features included in the handheld for suitability.
  • Compatibility: Look to see how compatible it is to the other devices that you use on a regular basis.